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At the Peabody Prep all students are encouraged to enroll in a theoretical studies class to complement individual instruction. Classes are available for ages 10 through adult, at beginning through advanced levels. New students are interviewed for proper placement. Classes are designed to help the student obtain a comprehensive music education via ear training, sight singing, note reading, keyboard skills and written work. At the Preparatory, students have the choice of two unique programs: Comprehensive Theory or Comprehensive Accelerated Teen Theory. Children under age 10 are strongly encouraged to take a beginning level music class either through the Early Childhood Music Department or audition for the Children’s Chorus Training Choir.

Theory Faculty

Elijah Wirth

Elijah Wirth is the director of the Peabody Preparatory Wind Orchestra, which he helped establish in 2008. He currently heads the Music Theory department in the Preparatory division as well as the Wind, Brass and Percussion Academy.

Lessons & Classes

For a listing of all our theory classes and individual instruction opportunities, see our Theory Department course offerings.

Once you’re ready to register for classes and/or individual instruction, please visit our registration page.

Additional Information

Individual music theory instruction is available to children and adults of all experience levels—from beginners through the most advanced levels of study. Lessons are scheduled at our Downtown and Towson Peabody Preparatory locations on an individual basis and are contingent upon teacher availability.