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The majority of Peabody students will enroll in a two-year Core Curriculum (12 credits). Students may petition the Humanities to substitute designated courses at Homewood or other institutions in place of the Core Curriculum.  Students needing intense writing instruction will take 6 credits of Writing Intensive before beginning the Core Curriculum.   Students must receive a C+ or better in order to receive credit for passing Core courses.  Students who pass the course but receive less than a C+ will receive credit for the course but must retake the course to fulfill the Core requiement.  Students who fail a Core course must also retake the course.

Core I:  Analytical Thinking and Writing  (3 credits, fall), 260.115

Introduction to the practice of analytical thinking and writing in the context of reading foundational historical, philosophical, and/or literary texts.  Course objectives:  Ensuring competence in writing and critical analysis.  Students will write four analytical papers (3-4 pages each) with an average of C+ or better.

Core II:  Writing and Research Methods (3 credits, spring) 260.216

Introduction to the basics of writing a research paper.  Pre-requisite:  Core I or approved placement. Course objectives:  Ensuring competence in academic research and writing. Students will select a research topic, find source materials, and complete a formal academic research paper (10-15 pages), with appropriate references properly documented for a C+ or better.

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Core III: Critical Methods (3 credits, offered fall and spring) PY 260.359 

Introduction to methods and practices in the humanities, social sciences, or natural sciences.  Course objectives:  ensuring competence in understanding critical methodologies and academic debate.  Students will write two critical assessments involving evidence, evaluation, synthesis, and conclusion (4-6 pages each) and pass a final exam or final project with minimum C+ grade.

Core IV: Art, Culture, and Society (3 credits, fall and spring)   PY 260.360

Sustained consideration of the role of art (music, literature, fine arts, film) in all aspects of society, focusing on particular periods in history or under particular regimes and political structures. ¬†Course objectives: ensuring that all Peabody students have the opportunity to think historically about the role of art and culture in political society and about the economic and cultural systems supporting the creation of art (e.g. patronage, guilds). ¬†Students will be required to write one historical ‚Äúreview‚ÄĚ of a work of art in historical context (2-3 pages) and one historical research paper (6-8 pages minimum) for a final grade of C+ or better.