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All students requesting transcripts must submit the request through the Registrar’s Office and have any SIS account alerts cleared though the Registrar’s office before the request will be processed. Students with no alerts making a request in person will receive a clearance slip from the Registrar’s Office to take to the Business Office for payment.

Students should either download the form from this site, or write us a letter that includes:

  1. Name (maiden name if applicable)
  2. Dates of attendance/graduation
  3. Program of enrollment
  4. Mailing addresses for transcripts
  5. Current contact phone number and email address
  6. A money order or certified cashier’s checkmade payable to Peabody Institute for $5.00 per copy
  7. **LEGAL SIGNATURE** – requests without the signature of the student will not be processed, in accordance with national law.

Transcripts are mailed first-class through the U.S. Postal Service.

If a student is in a hurry to get his/her transcripts, the procedure is:

  1. Email or fax a letter to the Registrar’s Office with all the elements stated above. The email address is The fax number is 410-659-8271.
  2. Call in payment by credit card to the Registrar’s Office [667-208-6580] within 24 hours of the faxed request. (Peabody suggests that you call in your credit card number over a secure line, since fax lines are not secure.) All unpaid transcript requests are destroyed after 24 hours.
  3. Requests made over the phone or e-mail will not be taken. Any request without the student’s signature will not be honored, due to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974. No exceptions will be made. Similarly, requests without payment will not be honored.

Please plan ahead to allow time for processing and mailing of your transcript. If you attended/graduated before 1980, please also allow time for retrieval of your records from our archives.

Transcript requests may be mailed with payment to the following address:

Office of the Registrar
Peabody Conservatory
1 East Mount Vernon Place
Baltimore, MD 21202


Official transcripts are $5 per transcript. There is no charge for unofficial transcripts.

In person: Students may fill out a transcript request form in the office. If paying by cash, students will receive a clearance slip from the Registrar’s Office to take to the Business Office. All other forms of payment will be processed by the Registrar’s office

By Mail: Students may send a money order or certified cashier’s check with their request form.

By Fax: Students may call the Registrar’s Office [667-208-6580] with the credit card information.