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Educational Philosophy

Excellence in professional training is at the center of a Peabody education. Your studio experience will form the core of your Peabody education, and the supportive academic program which has long been a hallmark of Peabody’s curriculum will equip you with a strong, holistic foundation in music and the humanities.

Today’s artists acknowledge, however, the changing cultural environment of the future demands even more.

To align our training with the reality of industry shifts, the Peabody Institute Breakthrough Curriculum in Music Leadership infuses our grand historical tradition with new perspectives to create a model at the forefront of arts training in the United States.

As a student at Peabody, you will learn:

  • Excellence in your craft, positioning you to compete for high-level opportunities as a soloist, orchestra member, chamber musician, conductor, composer, educator, recording engineer, critic or scholar.
  • Musical flexibility, and the ability to apply appropriate stylistic attributes across a wide range of performing contexts, musical styles, and ensemble configurations found in the current diversity of professional models.
  • Leadership as a citizen artist, building creative collaborations with diverse stakeholders both within and beyond the performing arts, actively cultivating existing and new audiences, responding to the needs of your community, and bringing value to the vitality and economy of your landscape.
  • Communication, marketing and practical skills with which you can propel your career in any direction immediately upon graduation.

The Breakthrough Curriculum is fully integrated into the historical excellence of Peabody performance training, ensuring that every student graduates prepared for a world that is constantly changing, increasingly driven by disruptive technology, yet still deeply in need of what music brings to the human experience.

A Peabody Education

The Peabody Conservatory awards four degrees:

The Peabody Conservatory also awards three diplomas:

The Peabody Conservatory Mission

The Peabody Conservatory strives to provide aspiring artists with the skills to pursue professional careers in music as well as the education to become leaders in the cultural life of their communities.