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Photo credit: Katy Pretz

The Primary Ballet Program is where concentrated ballet training at Peabody Preparatory Dance begins. This program includes all Beginner and Elementary Ballet Levels 1, 1X, 2, and 2X, in which students ages seven to twelve acquire the initial layers of knowledge that form the foundation of ballet technique. (Beginner students above age twelve may enroll in Ballet for Teens and Adults in the Open Program.) These primary levels are considered the most important of all, because the student’s development from this point on depends greatly on the strength of his or her early base training.

In line with Peabody Preparatory Dance’s objective to enable students to advance at a pace that matches their abilities, interests, and time commitments, students in the Primary Ballet Program – who are enrolled for at least two classes per week – may be invited to take additional scheduled classes at or below their own level (or in exceptional cases, in a higher level) for no additional cost.

Curriculum and Class Levels (*X denotes next higher class in that level):

· Level 1 — two 60-minute classes

· Level 1X* — two 75-minute classes

· Level 2 — one 90-minute class; two 75-minute classes

· Level 2X* — two 90-minute classes; one 75-minute class