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Β The Preparatory Dance Open Program offers classes in Ballet, Contemporary Dance, and West African Dance for students of all ages and abilities who love to dance and want high-quality instruction with a flexible class schedule. Multiple levels for adults and teens provide the opportunity for Adult Continuing Education (ACE) in a sequential format, accommodating both students with years of serious training as well as beginners who are eager to get started. Dance Class Cards are offered for busy adults, and an unlimited semester pass makes it possible to sample all of the introductory classes. Open Program classes for children ages 7-12 provide an entry point to study Ballet, Contemporary Dance, and West African Dance once a week without formal performances.

Dance Class Cards

Dance class cards are available for Open Program students ages 13-adult. Cards can be used to sample any or all of the dance forms – or to take one class as your schedule permits. There’s also an unlimited Semester Pass for the student who wants to dance more than once a week. Class cards  can be purchased through our online ASAP Connected site and can be picked up in the dance office during offices hours (Tuesday-Friday 11:00 AM– 7:00 PM or Saturday 9:00 AM-4:30 PM) or from the dance instructor. These cards expire at the end of the semester; unused classes cannot be carried over to the next semester.  Class cards come in two different options depending on the class time/type.

NOW OFFERING 90-minute class cards for intermediate and advanced classes!

Class Card Options

Unlimited Semester Pass (60 mins.)$662
20 Class Card (60 mins.)$441
10 Class Card (60 mins.)$278
5 Class Card (60 mins.)$144
10 Class Card (90 mins.)$397
5 Class Card (90 mins.)$226

All students, including those purchasing class cards, must pay a $25 registration fee. This fee will be assessed only once during the semester.
Class cards expire at the end of the session in which they are purchased. Unused classes cannot be carried over to the next semester.

Tuition for the 16-week semester for the 2019-2020 academic year is $397 (60 min.) and $590 (90 min.) for those who will take the same class each week.