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All students, both new and continuing, will be placed where the faculty and Director feel they will profit most, and where gaps in training can be addressed. At the same time, students advance through the Preparatory Dance programs at their own pace based on their innate abilities, work in class, and dedicated attendance. In most cases, a placement class is required to ascertain the most appropriate level for new students prior to registration through Peabody Preparatory’s registration system, ASAP. Continuing students will be advised of their placement by the faculty on an ongoing basis.

New Student Placement

***Fall 2018 Placement Day for all New Students will take place at the Downtown Peabody Dance Studios on August 25th. Please plan to attend the following placement class based on your dancer’s age and experience:

10:00-10:45am: New 3 and 4 year old students

11:00-11:45pm: New 6 and 7 year old students

Noon-1:15pm: Upper Levels

1:45-3:00pm: Estelle Dennis Boys

Peabody Preparatory Dance generally requires a placement class for all new students with previous training in order to ascertain the student’s proper class level in a particular program.
At the time of placement, faculty will advise on program and class assignments according to student ability and interest. Specific placement requirements for each program are given below. Any questions should be referred to the Peabody Preparatory Dance Office. Placement sessions may be arranged on an individual basis by contacting the Dance office to schedule a convenient time or to sign up for one of the Fall Placement Sessions held just before the start of each season.

Students should arrive early for their placement session and should be prepared to take a class for the duration of the session. Those who do not have dance clothing may wear clothes in which they can move, thick socks on their feet, and (females) if hair is long enough, in a ballet bun or similar style. (The dress code for enrolled students may be viewed here.) Please click here for directions to either campus and to each studio from within the campus.

Young Children’s Program (Ages 3-6)
Please refer to the current catalog and/or class schedule for age eligibility information. All 4 year-olds will enter a Creative Dance class and do not need a placement class. However, 3 year-olds need a placement class to ascertain readiness for group instruction. All 5 year-olds may register for Introduction to Ballet 1 without a placement class. All 6 year-olds must take a placement class. In general, students must be 6 years old and have prior dance training to be placed in Introduction to Ballet 2.

Primary Ballet, Pre-Professional, and Open Programs (Ages 7 and up)
All students with prior training must be placed. New students ages 7 to adult with no previous training do not require a placement class and will enter an appropriate beginning level as follows: Beginners ages 7-12 may register for Level 1 in the Primary Ballet Program (fall/spring) or for Beginners Ballet (summer); beginners ages 8-12 may register for Beginners Contemporary Dance in the Open Program; and beginners ages 13 and up may register for Ballet for Teens and Adults Beginners or Contemporary Dance for Teens and Adults Fundamentals in the Open Program.

Estelle Dennis/Peabody Dance Training Program for Boys (Ages 9-15)
Acceptance into this tuition-free program is by audition only. Please click here.

Summer Dance Intensive
All students with prior training must be placed. Beginning students ages 7-12, along with all 7 year-olds, will enter Level A and do not require a placement class. Students must have several years of consistent, concentrated ballet training in order to be placed in Levels C-E.

Paul Taylor Dance Company Summer Intensive at Peabody
All students must apply

Continuing Student Placement

All Peabody Dance students enrolled during the Spring session will be advised of their placement for the Summer session by the faculty. All Peabody Dance students enrolled during the Spring or Summer sessions will be advised of their placement for the next Fall/Spring season by the faculty. Parents may¬†contact the Dance Office¬†if they have not received their student’s placement or to request a parent/teacher conference to hear details of their child’s progression, but continuing students should not attend any new-student placement sessions. Students who spend a significant amount of time without high-quality dance training may have their placement reevaluated upon their return.


Students are urged to register early in order to ensure a place in class. Class size is limited, and classes may fill early. Those who require placement may register with guidance from the Preparatory Dance Office, as soon as a placement session is arranged, to hold a spot until they can be placed.

While the Peabody Preparatory Dance Office handles placement, class selection guidance, and questions about the programs, the actual registration process is handled by the main Peabody Preparatory Office. Please visit the Preparatory Registrar to do any of the following:

  • set up first-time access to¬†the registration system
  • view Preparatory registration policies and deadlines
  • find information on payment plans and JHU tuition remission
  • request a student ID for access to the Peabody (downtown) campus

New Student? Request information or Register