Minor Lessons

Individual music instruction at the Peabody Conservatory, called minor lessons, is designed for students with significant experience as instrumentalists, vocalists, or composers. Auditions are necessary to register for minor lessons, which earn credit. (Peabody students, please contact the Minor Lessons Coordinator for placement requirements and questions. You will also be asked to fill out one of the online forms below.)

Students who are interested in minor lessons must fill out the online request form each semester they wish to take lessons. Students are not permitted to self-register on SIS.

Enrollment Request Spring 2024 is open. 
Enrollment Request Forms are due Monday, January 8, 2024.
Video auditions are due Wednesday, January 10, 2024.

Auditions for admission are by video submission. The online enrollment request will automatically link students to a page to start the audition process. Do not forget to complete this form and click submit! They will also receive an email with that link after submitting the request.

For the videos, students must prepare two contrasting works (styles, periods, etc) showing the current level of development on the instrument.

After completing the online enrollment request, students must add the course via SEAM. On this page, students can scroll to the bottom and press “Request Support” where they need to manually type in their request to add minor lessons with the course number and a copy of the email approval letter from the coordinator. All students will be automatically billed; if the student’s curriculum includes minor lessons, they will be able to appeal for tuition remission.

Lessons may be 30 or 60 minutes in length, and registered students will receive one elective credit per half hour. The additional cost for Peabody students for AY 2023-24 is $966 for half hour lessons (1 credit) or $1,933 for one hour lessons (2 credits).

Homewood students, please refer to https://krieger.jhu.edu/music/music-lessons/ for pricing information. All other divisions, please inquire with your home registrar.

For more information, please contact the Minor Lessons Coordinator, Dr. Shirley Yoo.

Taking Courses at Peabody

Students must consult with their Homewood Advising Office to determine the eligibility of Peabody coursework for their academic program. If you have received approval from the Advising Office and the Homewood Registrar, you can  submit the following form to obtain approval to take the course at Peabody.

Ensemble Participation

Please contact the Ensemble Office for more information or to schedule an orchestral instrument or Jazz audition.

All students are welcome to join the Peabody Hopkins Conservatory Choir.