I am interested in the Pro Tools 101; however there are numerous supplies required and I am not sure if it is financially feasible. I own a Macbook Pro but do not own any of the other items. Can you give me a range of what it would cost to purchase?

I am never sure if enough people will sign up for the class to run each semester (2 people minimum) so I would suggest you sign up, and come to the first class before buying anything. Peabody will refund all your tuition money if it doesn’t run.

Now, onto your question: Your computer is fine. (And in my opinion, Pro Tools runs better on a Mac laptop than on a Windows laptop.)

  • Pro Tools 12 and an iLok ($40). Academic-priced software available from Sweetwater Sound https://www.sweetwater.com/shop/pro-tools/ Current selling version is Pro Tools 12 $99 academic “annual plan” or $299 academic “perpetual license”.
  • MIDI-capable (piano style) Keyboard the cheapest thing you can buy is fine. Try Goodwill. Or Craig’s List. Or eBay. Try to buy something modern enough that it has a USB connection on the back.
  • (If your MIDI keyboard is really old, and lacks a USB connection, you may need MIDI interface & MIDI cables. No big deal, just be forewarned.)
  • Flash Drive to bring in homework
  • Later in Semester: USB Mic (Blue Yeti = $130), Headphones, Decent Speakers. (Not junky $20 computer speakers.)

What is the 102 course?

The Level II course is run like an advanced-level seminar, and is for students who have already competed the 101 course. Students are encouraged to bring in their session files from whatever projects they are working on in their home studios. Also we will discuss advanced topics like Digi plugins vs. Waves plugins vs. McDSP plugins, mixing techniques, miking techniques, mastering, production techniques, etc. Students can take this course more than once as new topics will be discussed each week and each semester.