Does Peabody Accept Wire Payments?

Yes, you can choose from one of our three wire payment options. Please be sure to include your Hopkins/Student ID number and/or other identifying information with your wire transfer.

Johns Hopkins University contracts with both Flywire and Convera to accept payments from international students worldwide. You can easily and securely make education payments in your own currency, using local payment methods from the safety and convenience of your home. Each company offers various payment methods, a wide range of international currency options, competitive exchange rates, and the convenience of paying through a local bank.

Start the wire transfer process by logging into the SIS self-service student portal at  Go to Billing, Summary, then Payment Methods and select from one of the wire payment options.

If you choose Pay by Bank to Bank Wire Transfer, please be sure to include your Hopkins/Student ID number and/or other identifying information with the wire transfer.  After the wire transfer is completed, notify the Student Accounts Office of your payment amount and date of remittance via our SEAM’s online form. Johns Hopkins banking information for the wire transfer can be found in the student portal. Just click on the info button next to this payment option.

If you have additional questions about wire transfers, please contact the Student Accounts Office at  877-419-5131 or use SEAM’s online form to request assistance.

Does Peabody accept checks?

Yes. Checks for tuition and fee payments should be mailed to:

Student Accounts Operations
Johns Hopkins University
Garland Hall B075
3400 N. Charles Street
Baltimore, MD 21218

Does Peabody have a Tuition payment plan?

Student Accounts Operations has contracted with Nelnet Campus Commerce to offer monthly payment plans to our students. The monthly payment plan is available for current semesters ONLY. To enroll in a payment plan, log into the SIS Self-service Student Portal. For more information, visit the payment plan page.

A company, government agency (such as the VA), embassy, or other type of organization is sponsoring some/all of my tuition. What am I required to do?

Students with third party payers are required to submit documentation and complete a brief acknowledgement section on SIS Self Service. For more information, see This website includes information on how to upload the required documentation, along with FAQs and contact information for the JHU Third Party Payer team.

Do I need to have major health insurance?

Yes, health insurance is a requirement for all full time registered domestic and international students. Full-time domestic and international students are automatically enrolled in the university’s student health insurance plan with AHP. Domestic students have the option to waive out,  international students are required to purchase the Johns Hopkins University health insurance plan through AHP.

Must I purchase the University sponsored student health insurance?

The cost for the University’s student health insurance is posted along with  tuition and fees in your student account. If you do not have comparable health insurance coverage the insurance charge will remain on your student account and you are responsible to pay the cost of the University’s sponsored health insurance plan with AHP. If you have comparable health insurance, you must complete a waiver online using SIS  before the deadline, the waiver will remove the health insurance charges. Otherwise, if you fail to waive out before the posted deadline date, the health insurance charge will remain on your account and you will be responsible for payment.  All students enrolled in part-time programs who are taking 12 or more credit hours, non-resident graduate students, and graduate study abroad students are eligible to enroll in the Student Health Insurance Plan. Details of the University’s sponsored health insurance plan can be found hereFull and part-time international students are required to purchase the Johns Hopkins University sponsored health insurance plan.

If I access financial aid or overpay, will I be issued a refund?

For financial aid recipients, disbursements are applied directly to your student account within 10 days of the start of each semester. Johns Hopkins University issues refunds electronically through Flywire.  Login to the SIS self-service student portal; click on Billing, Summary and Set Up Direct Deposit.  Be sure to verify your address as well since checks are mailed as a default if direct deposit hasn’t been set up.  Go to Personal Info then Summary to verify your mailing address.

How can I access my 1098-T?

The IRS Form 1098‐T is an informational return that Peabody Institute of Johns Hopkins University is required to issue for the purpose of determining a student’s eligibility for an education credit or tuition and fees deduction. Refer to IRS publication 970 and Tax Benefits for Education: Information Center for further information regarding the 1098‐T, or consult your tax advisor.

Peabody Institute of Johns Hopkins University or the JHU Tax Office cannot answer tax questions or advise you concerning tax related issues.

Who is required to be issued an IRS Form 1098-T?

Peabody Institute of Johns Hopkins University must file a 1098‐T form for each enrolled student for whom a reportable transaction was made during the calendar year January 1 to December 31. A reportable transaction is defined as qualified tuition and related expenses required for a student to be enrolled at or attend an eligible educational institution and any scholarships or grants administered and processed for payment of the student’s cost of attendance.

 Who is NOT required to be issued the IRS Form 1098-T?

  • Students enrolled in courses for which no academic credit is offered, even if the student is otherwise enrolled in a degree program.
  • Nonresident alien students.
  • Students whose qualified tuition and related expenses are entirely waived or paid entirely with scholarships and/or other formal billing arrangement between an institution and the student’s

Peabody Institute of Johns Hopkins University report payments received during the calendar year January 1st through December 31st, in Box 1 of the 1098‐T form. To get a summary of your charges and payments by term, you can view and print your account activity in SIS. Please look closely at the dates of activity.

How does a student receive IRS Form 1098T from Peabody Institute of Johns Hopkins University?

  • If you elected electronic delivery of your 1098‐T form, you will receive an e‐mail notification alerting you when your 1098‐T is available and you can access your 1098-T by logging on to your SIS account.

If there is an error in the financial or demographic data reported you need to contact the Peabody Institute of Johns Hopkins University’s Student Accounts Office or Registrar Office so that the error can be corrected, if necessary.

Peabody Institute of Johns Hopkins University does not mail duplicate or corrected 1098‐T forms.