The Student Engagement team understands the value of community in making students feel supported and fulfilled throughout their collegiate experience. Peabody boasts a wide variety of Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) that offer students the opportunity to connect with their peers outside of the practice room. Browse the full range of clubs and organizations that call Peabody home on Hopkins Groups.

Peabody General Assembly (PGA)

Mission Statement

As Peabody’s student government and the official representative voice of the student body, PGA’s mission is to empower students to take an active part in shaping and enriching their experience at Peabody.

PGA is committed to improving the student experience by advocating for the needs and interests of students, facilitating communications between students and administration, and uplifting the voices of students at Peabody.

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Peabody Activities Board (PAB)

The Peabody Activities Board (PAB) serves as the Peabody Institute’s student programming board managed by the Student Engagement team within Student Affairs. As a student-run initiative, PAB is responsible for developing and facilitating diverse and inclusive extracurricular events to enrich student life. PAB is devoted to meeting Peabody’s goal to develop a diverse and inclusive student life.

Registered Student Organizations (RSOs)

Student Engagement is proud to support all Registered Student Organizations, including but not limited to:

  • La Familia
  • Black Student Union
  • Peabody Sustainability Initiative Student Group
  • Book Club
  • M-House

For a full list of Peabody RSOs, contact the office of Student Affairs or visit the Peabody hub on Hopkins Groups.

Becoming an RSO

Student clubs and organizations at Peabody can gain certification as Registered Student Organizations (RSO) in order to obtain access to the full range of advisory and financial resources offered by Student Engagement. In order to register, student groups must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Select a staff or faculty advisor
  • Develop a mission statement
  • Develop fair and up-to-date governing documents or constitution
  • Compile a roster of current officers and members
  • Attend the annual LEAD training

More information about resources and certification for RSOs can be found on Hopkins Groups.