Website Microgrants are available to all students currently enrolled in Building a Brand and Portfolio to support costs associated with website and domain hosting. The application deadline is November 1st.

Funding amount:  

  • Microgrants can be funded up to $150. 


  • All students currently enrolled in Building a Brand and Portfolio are eligible to apply. 
  • Each student may receive only one microgrant. 

Submission Details: 
Please submit this online form including the following details: 

  • Name and degree program 
  • Building a Brand and Portfolio section number and faculty member 
  • One paragraph outlining how you will use your funding. Details should include:  
    • Hosting platform(s) for your domain and/or website  
    • Website plan you intend to purchase 
    • Length of time microgrant funding will support your website/domain 
    • Amount of funding requested

Microgrant recipients are required to maintain public access to their website throughout the time specified in their submission. 

Upon completion of the semester, microgrant recipients will be asked to submit this brief report form
Fall Semester Report Deadline: January 1 | Summer Semester Report Deadline: September 1

Peabody LAUNCHPad helps students develop project ideas and prepare grant proposals. Please contact us to make an appointment well in advance of any deadline. You can choose to work with a peer coach or a LAUNCHPad staff member, some of whom serve as panelists in the selection process. We are unlikely to be able to accommodate last-minute requests for proposal review.