A Peabody campus survey on experiences of bias was conducted in spring 2021, with the goal of establishing baseline data from which Peabody could assess and target its future ADEI efforts. The survey findings pointed to recommendations intended ensure that all community members feel like they are welcomed and can thrive at Peabody.

In response to the survey’s findings and specific recommendations, Peabody has:

  • implemented a new training program for all community members, titled “Effective DEI Strategies: How to Actualize and Champion Equity (ACE) to Promote Inclusion,” to build awareness, encourage positive behaviors, and strengthen interpersonal interactions amongst individuals from different backgrounds.DEI training for Peabody faculty, staff, and students has also included implicit bias, micro-aggression, and intercultural competency training.
  • developed a formal mechanism known as the Incident Support Services initiative to address incidents of bias. This initiative works in partnership with JHU’s Office of Institutional Equity (OIE) to address incidents of bias, discrimination, harassment, and sexual misconduct in ways that allow for multiple mechanisms for resolution and gives the opportunity for the individuals involved to exercise agency and determine how best to come to a resolution.
  • conducted focus groups with community members with marginalized identities to obtain richer and more informative data on their experiences and create the opportunity for collaboration to identify and build solutions.

In addition, Peabody has completed preliminary planning and is working to develop a task force to address concerns for gender minorities (i.e., the transgender community and the cis-gender female community).

The Peabody community also participates in university-wide surveys aimed at understanding and shaping the climate for learning, living, and working at JHU, including the 2023 campus climate assessment survey. Ongoing assessment and evaluation through surveys and other research instruments is a critical component of creating both action and accountability around our ADEI work.