In September 2019,the Breakthrough Plan Steering Group met to kick off the planning process for Breakthrough Plan 2024. The Steering Group’s role was to review and advise on renewal of the Breakthrough Plan, serving as the umbrella for individual Work Groups.  

Ten work groups were established, engaging more than 90 faculty, staff, students, volunteers, and alumni through the fall of 2019 to help shape the next incarnation of Peabody’s Breakthrough Plan. Each work group focused on a specific charge. 

  • 21st Century Peabody Mission Statement 
    • Charge: To review and revise Peabody’s current mission statement to reflect Peabody’s history and tradition in the context of a 21st century institution and its strategic direction.  
  • Facilities for the Future 
    • Charge: To identify, guide and prioritize future facility needs consistent with Peabody’s institutional and programmatic direction including residence life improvements and enhanced programmatic and learning spaces through a pre-planning and a formal facilities study process. 
  • New Program Development 
    • Charge: To review recently launched degree programs and curriculum, and to identify and prioritize opportunities for additional degree and non-degree programs going forward. 
  • Peabody Preparatory, Summer Programs, and Life-long Learning 
    • Charge:  To develop a vision and strategy for a 21st century “Preparatory” as to mission, strategies and tactics inclusive of year-round programs and opportunities for life-long learning, consistent with the Peabody Institute’s overall strategic direction. 
  • New Businesses 
    • Charge: To review status of recent start-ups in online and Music & Medicine, and assess next steps and critical priorities going forward. 
  • Diversity and Inclusion 
    • Charge: Review, revise and refine the Diversity Plan Framework Draft document designed to pull together all existing and future diversity and inclusion initiatives into a comprehensive plan. 
  • Talent Development 
    • Charge: To assess status of recruitment and retention efforts of faculty and staff, onboarding initiatives, and professional development, and identify strategies going forward. 
  • Student Experience 
    • Charge: To assess current efforts and identify areas of opportunity and strategies to improve student life on campus. 
  • Brand Development 
    • Charge: To review Peabody’s last branding initiative and current state of Peabody’s brand assets, and recommend next steps to renew the brand. 
  • Financial Sustainability and Revenue Development 
    • Charge: To review status of Peabody’s current 5-year financial plan and outlook, and make recommendations based on the next five years to reflect changes in assumptions, initiatives, taking into account all aspects of revenue development including tuition and fundraising. 

Each work group delivered its findings and recommendations to the Steering Group in the Spring of 2020. The Steering Group finalized refinements and revisions; sought input on the draft plan from Peabody stakeholders through presentation and requests for comment; and prepared the final document.