The Peabody Conservatory and the Homewood schools of the Johns Hopkins University offer the opportunity for students who are advanced in both performing arts and academics to simultaneously pursue a Bachelor of Music or Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and either a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree from the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences or the Whiting School of Engineering.

Students must be admitted independently to Peabody by way of audition and also to one of the Homewood schools to be invited to participate in the Double Degree program. Audition standards for Peabody Double Degree students are the same as for all students auditioning for the Conservatory. Typically, the Double Degree program takes a minimum of five years to complete.

Application Process

  • Students interested in the Double Degree must complete both the JHU application and the Peabody Conservatory application.
    • We recommend that students submit both applications in the same application round. Peabody’s Early Decision (due November 1st) aligns with JHU’s Early Decision I, and Peabody’s Regular Decision (due December 1st) aligns with JHU’s Regular Decision (due January 2nd).
  • On the Peabody application, please indicate “Yes” to the Double Degree question to ensure you are considered for this program. Undergraduate application instructions may be found here.
  • Double Degree applicants are not required to pay the Peabody application fee in addition to the JHU application fee. Please pay the JHU application fee. To claim the Peabody fee waiver, please indicate your interest in the Double Degree on your application (see above), submit your Peabody application, and then email us at [email protected] that you have done so.
  • Double Degree applicants need only submit transcripts and test scores (optional) to JHU.
  • Students who are not admitted to the Double Degree initially may reapply for the program at the end of their Freshman year and/or at the end of their Sophomore year.
  • Students who have begun their junior year of study are not eligible to enter the Double Degree program nor may students transfer into the program midyear.

Directed Studies Minor

Students who applied but were not admitted to the Double Degree program will automatically be considered for the Directed Studies Minor.

Financial Aid

Students admitted to the Double Degree program will receive all financial aid through JHU and will pay the enrollment deposit to JHU. JHU provides need-based aid. Peabody does not offer merit scholarships to students admitted to the Double Degree program.

Student Status

Students in the double degree program are responsible for meeting the requirements of both degree curricula within the published guidelines of the relevant programs. Students’ principal affiliation is with the Krieger School of Arts and Science or the Whiting School of Engineering. All official procedures of registration and records are managed through the Homewood Office of the Registrar. The official transcript for a double degree student, including all courses at both Peabody and Homewood, is maintained by the Homewood Office of the Registrar.

Enrollment Requirements and Limits

Double Degree students must enroll in private lessons each semester. Instrumental majors are required to enroll each semester for large ensembles and private lessons to maintain their status as Peabody degree candidates in the Double Degree Program. Double Degree students must register for no less than one course at Homewood each semester. Peabody Double Degree students are permitted to enroll in a maximum of 25 credits per semester.

Residency Requirement for Peabody Double Degree Students

Peabody Double Degree students must complete at least 48 credits on the Homewood campus, in the Krieger School of Arts & Sciences and/or the Whiting School of Engineering. Residency at the Peabody campus is required in the Freshman year; in the Sophomore year students can choose to continue living at Peabody or move to Homewood.

Course Changes and Withdrawals from Peabody Courses

Students must follow the deadlines and processes for adding, dropping or withdrawing from Peabody courses which are published on the Peabody Academic Affairs website.

Course Changes and Withdrawals from Arts and Sciences and Engineering Courses

Students must follow the deadlines and processes for adding, dropping, or withdrawing from Arts & Sciences and/or Engineering courses which are published on the Homewood Registrar’s Office website.

Leave of Absence

Double Degree students may request a Leave of Absence (LOA) from the entire program, however, they cannot be granted leave from only one portion of the program. A LOA for Double Degree students is subject to the guidelines of the student’s respective academic advising office on the Homewood campus.

Graduation Policies

Double Degree students must petition to graduate from the Peabody Conservatory in accordance with information located on the Registrar’s website, and also adhere to the policies and procedures for applying to graduate from their Homewood school, Arts and Sciences or Engineering as indicated at ASEN Undergraduate Graduation Policy.  Both degrees are awarded simultaneously, and degree conferral is available only in May of each academic year.

Graduation Closes the Undergraduate Record

Upon graduation, the undergraduate record is closed. The only permitted changes are the resolution of incomplete grades, missing grades, and grade errors. These changes must be resolved by the first Monday after 30 days have lapsed since the degree conferral date. Students wishing to take additional courses at JHU after graduation should refer to Alumni Enrollment policies.

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