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Violin Audition Repertoire

BM Program

  • Concerto from standard repertoire, 1st movement (with cadenza if applicable) or 2nd plus 3rd movement
  • Two contrasting movements from an unaccompanied Bach sonata or partita
  • One concert etude from one of the following: Kreutzer, Rode, Dont, Gavinies, Paganini
  • Optional showpiece if desired by the applicant

MM and GPD Programs

  • One unaccompanied sonata (complete)
  • First movement of a concerto with cadenza from standard repertoire (Second and Third movement are optional)
  • Two contrasting style works of your choice (complete)

DMA and Artist Diploma Programs

  • A complete concerto from the standard repertoire
  • One unaccompanied sonata or partita by J. S. Bach (complete)
  • Two contrasting style works of your choice (complete)