Throughout the year, Peabody bassists have opportunities to develop their skills as soloists, to explore new repertoire, and to gain experience playing in a performance setting.

Performance Classes

Every semester, the faculty teach a set of performance classes (also called “solo rep” classes). Like orchestra rep class, they are taught by the faculty as a team. Performance classes are a chance to try out new solo material that you are working on and to get the comments and help of a faculty member, as well as the support and comments of the other students. Some performance classes address a particular topic, while others are broader in scope.


There are two departmental recitals each semester.  At these recitals, you can “strut your stuff” and present your solo work in a performance setting. Often students who are preparing degree recitals will use departmental recitals to give their repertoire a trial run before the main event. There are many other solo performance opportunities at Peabody, both within and beyond the bass department.

Master Classes and Special Events

Peabody regularly hosts renowned bassists and teachers in master classes and other special events.