Jewish Music from the 15th – 17th centuries

The Peabody Consort ~ Mark Cudek, director

Julie Bosworth, soprano;
Yuan-Chih Chen, recorders;
Mark Cudek, cittern, Renaissance long drum, doumbec, riq;
Amy Domingues, tenor & bass viols;
Jeffrey Grabelle, treble & bass viols;
Brian Kay, lute, doumbec;
Kevin Payne, lute;
Aik Shin Tan, recorders

1 Pavin & Gallyard                                 Innocenzio Albarti (ca. 1535-1615)

(instrumental ensemble)


2 La Mantovana                                    Gasparo Zanetti (1645)

(instrumental ensemble)


3 Fuggi, fuggi, fuggi dal questo cielo         Giuseppino del Biabo (fl. 1600)

(Ms. Bosworth; Kevin Payne & Brian Kay, lutes; Jeffrey Grabelle, bass viol)


4 Sonata sopra Fuggi                           Biagio Marini (1594-1663)

Yuan-Chi Chen & Aik Shin Tan, recorders, Amy Domingues, bass viol)


5 Italian Rant                                    John Playford (1623–1686/7)

(Jeffrey Grabelle, treble viol; Yuan-Chih Chen, recorder)


6 Sinfonia grave                                    Salamone Rossi (ca. 1570–1630)

(instrumental ensemble)


7 Barekhu

(Ms. Bosworth w/ viols)


8 Gagliarda

Chen & Tan, recorders)


9 Sinfonia

Kay & Payne, lutes)


10 Cercai fuggir amore

(Ms. Bosworth & ensemble)


11 Recercata                                             Giovanni Bassano (1558-1617)

(Yuan-Chih Chen, recorder)


12 Un gai berger

(Jeffrey Grabelle, treble viol & Kevin Payne, lute)


13 When as we sat in Babylon                  Richard Allison (1599)

14 As by the streams of Babylon                  Thomas Campion (1567-1620)

(Ms. Bosworth & ensemble)


15 La bassa castiglia                           Guglielmo Ebreo (ca. 1420 – ca. 1481)

Kay, lute; Grabelle, treble viol)

16 Bergamesco                                    anon.

(Brian Kay, lute)


17 Bergamesca                                    Salamone Rossi

(Chen & Grabelle w/ continuo)


18 Ah, el novio                                    anon., Sephardic

(Ms. Bosworth & ensemble)


19 Una hija

(Chen & Grabelle)


20 El mi querido

(Mr. Chen)


21 Tu madre

(Mr. Grabelle)


22 Dos amantes

(Ms. Bosworth & ensemble)


23 Cuando el rey Nimrod

(Ms. Bosworth & ensemble)


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Fuggi, fuggi, fuggi dal questo cielo


Be gone, be gone, be gone from this sky, O harsh and savage and pitiless cold,

Who maintains all prisons and laws and will not be broken or bent by lamentation, proud tyrant of the year’s cold:

Be gone, be gone, be gone to where the winter has its eternal dwelling upon the ice.


Come, come, come light and graceful, O springtime, harbinger of love;

And Zephyr, listen and hear that spring invites you, and marries heaven and earth together.

And let May come with its rays,  its lap full of fair flowers, coming on the wings of the Zephyrs.





Praise the Lord.

He alone is worthy of praise.

Praised be the Lord

He is worthy of praise for all eternity.



Cercai fuggir amore


I tried to flee from Love to avoid feeling sorrow

Now my fate is so cruel that I constantly crave for death.


I tried to go away to avoid being further consumed

Yet a fresh arrow now renews all my troubles


I tried by leaving to make my suffering end

But Love, everywhere, increases the flames of my desire


The situation is such that the more I flee, the more I’m consumed and dissolved

For Love wants my pain to be eternal.



Ah, el novio no quere dinero

Oh, the groom wants no money, He wants only his bride of good fortune.

I have come to see that they should be happy and prosper and have all the best.


The groom wants no ducats, He only wants his bride of good luck.

I have come to see…


The groom wants no bracelets, He wants only his bride to have a happy face.

I have come to see…



El mi querido


My beloved drank wine and lost his mind. Under those trees he stabbed me.



Dos amantes

I have two lovers, Mother, which shall I choose? One is a tailor, the other is someone special.

The tailor, my Mother, is the one I am deceiving.But the special one, my Mother, I love with all my heart.

(the young man:) Throw water at your doorstep; I’ll go by and fall, so that your family may come out, and I may come to know them.

Come jewel, come my beauty, you shall see where I live.  Between two high mountains; a place unworthy of me.


Cuando el rey Nimrod

When King Nimrod went out into the fields, he looked at the heavens and at all the stars.  He saw a holy light above the Jewish quarter, a sign that Abraham the father was about to be born.


Abraham our father, beloved father, blessed father, light of Israel.


Let us greet now the new-born Lord; that he is a sign from Heaven this new born.  Elijah the Prophet appear to us and we will praise the true one.


Abraham our father…




The Peabody Consort


Julie Bosworth, soprano; Yuan-Chih Chen, recorders;

Mark Cudek, cittern, Renaissance long drum, doumbec, riq;

Amy Domingues, tenor & bass viols; Jeffrey Grabelle, treble & bass viols;

Brian Kay, lute, doumbec; Kevin Payne, lute; Aik Shin Tan, recorders


The Peabody Consort is a select group of early music students, alumni, and guest artists from the Peabody Conservatory of Johns Hopkins University.  The group was founded by Mark Cudek in 1996 for a tour of Rome, Italy, and has performed in several U.S. venues including Baltimore’s Artscape Festival (“The degree of polish and attention to musical nuance offered by the Peabody Consort does enormous justice to these works that only encourages curiosity for both the instruments and compositions of this period….”) and the Indianapolis Early Music Festival (“The program showed careful preparation, delighting from start to finish.”)    In May and June of 2010 the Consort performed in several venues in Taiwan and in Tokyo, Japan including a command performance for Taiwan’s First Lady at the National Concert Hall in Taipei.   This recording features lutenists Brian Kay and Kevin Payne, two of the three winners nationwide in the Lute Society of America’s 2011 “Emerging Artist” competition!


On April 10, 2010 the Consort performed “Jewish Music from the 15th through 17th centuries” for the 25th Anniversary of Bolton St. Synagogue.


“Thank you for directing, promoting and presenting the excellent musical program by the Peabody Consort on April 10 at Bolton Street Synagogue. A hearty mazel tov for all the musicians who shared this wonderful experience with all of us.  I wish the entire Jewish community could have heard that concert with your brief commentaries.  The music gets heard so rarely and was presented in an attractive, educational way.”

Alan Rubinstein, Cantor, Bolton St. Synagogue


The instrumentation is varied to match the demands of a variety of repertoire and includes recorder, viola da gamba, plucked strings (lute, theorbo, guitar, cittern), percussion, and solo voice or voices.  Alumni of the Peabody Consort have performed with Apollos’s Fire (the Cleveland Baroque Orchestra), ARTEK, the Baltimore Consort, the Boston Early Music Festival Orchestra, the Catacoustic Consort, the Folger Consort, Harmonious Blacksmith, Hesperus, Magnificat, New York Collegium, New York’s Ensemble for Early Music, Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra, Tempesta di Mare (Philadelphia Baroque Orchestra), and the Waverly Consort.

“The opening selections from the Spanish Renaissance…received stylish, atmospheric performances.  Mark Cudek, founding director of the Peabody Renaissance Ensemble, has clearly imparted to his instrumentalists and singers not just a respect for historical detail, but a keen sense of the expressive possibilities in this repertoire.  There was an admirable sense of spontaneity from the players….”

Tim Smith, Baltimore Sun, March 27, 2007



Biographies of the performers


Soprano Julie Bosworth, a native of St. Louis, is quickly emerging as an artist in the Early Music scene.  She is currently pursuing her Master’s degree from the Peabody Institute, and received her Bachelor of Music in Music Education from Millikin University in 2010.  Ms. Bosworth has performed at the New Brunswick Early Music Festival for three years singing oratorio and opera, including the title role in L’incoronazione di Poppea.  Last year, she performed with American Opera Theater in Dido and Aeneas and as Senator Ben Cardin in The Gonzales Cantata, for which her performance “proved especially vivid” (Baltimore Sun).  Julie appeared again with AOT and Peabody Opera as Cleopatra in their production of Handel’s Giulio Cesare.  In March, Ms. Bosworth made her debut with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra as soprano soloist in Richard Einhorn’s Voices of Light.  Most recently, she sang with Accademia Europea Dell’Opera/Opera Studio Nederland in their productions of Die Zauberflöte and Il Ritorno d’Ulisse in Patria.  Ms. Bosworth studies with soprano Ah Young Hong and is a recipient of the George Woodhead Scholarship.


Yuan-Chih Chen, from Taiwan, received both the Master of Music and Graduate Performance Degree in Recorder Performance at the Peabody Conservatory, where he studied with Gwyn Roberts.   While a student at Peabody he was a frequent performer with the Peabody Consort and Peabody Renaissance Ensemble as well as a founding member of Charm City Baroque. Mr. Chen, living with his newly married wife and a lovely newborn son, has been a music teacher in Guan Dong Primary School in Taiwan since September 2012, teaching general music and coaching recorder ensembles.


Mark Cudek is Director of the Early Music program at the Peabody Conservatory, Artistic Director of the Indianapolis Early Music Festival, and a founding member of the Baltimore Consort.  In recognition of his work as Founder/Director of the Peabody Renaissance Ensemble and also the High School Early Music Program at the Interlochen Arts Camp, Mark received from Early Music America the 2001 Thomas Binkley Award and the 2005 Award for Outstanding Contribution to Early Music Education.  In 2010 he was guest director of Apollo’s Fire (The Cleveland Baroque Orchestra).  He has regularly performed with Apollo’s Fire, The Catacoustic Consort, and Hesperus and is a member of the trio Gut, Wind, and Wire.  He has recorded twenty-five CD’s on the Dorian, Koch International, Windham Hill, and Linn labels.


Amy Domingues, viola da gamba, received her MM in Early Music from the Peabody Conservatory.  She currently performs with The Washington Bach Consort, the Bach Sinfonia, the viol consort Sonnambula (NYC) and is a founding member of Corda Nova, a baroque ensemble with Edmond Chan, baroque violin and Anthony Harvey, theorbo.  She has been a featured soloist with the Peabody Consort, the Baltimore Baroque band, and the Peabody Renaissance Ensemble.  She performed in master classes for Paolo Pandolfo, Wieland Kuijken, and Sarah Cunningham, and studied viol with Tina Chancey and viol and baroque cello with John Moran.  Amy has received the Peabody Career Development Grant, the Young Artist’s Grant-in-Aid (from the Viola da Gamba Society) and is an active cellist, composer, and teacher in the DC area.  In addition to her early music activities, she has released three cello-oriented rock albums under the name Garland of Hours, and appears as a recording artist on over fifty rock, pop, and classical albums.


Jeffrey Grabelle, violas da gamba, studied with Ann Marie Morgan in Baltimore, Veronika Hampe at the Amsterdam Conservatory, and at Oberlin Conservatory’s Baroque Performance Institute.  A viola da gamba soloist and continuo player, he performs regularly with Heaven’s Noyse, the Peabody Renaissance Ensemble and Consort.  He has also performed with Olde Friends Concert Artists, the Peabody Baroque Band and Viol Consort, in the Baltimore Bach Marathon, the Handel Choir, and with the American Opera Theater.

Brian Kay began his career on early plucked instruments at Case Western Reserve University under the tutelage of theorbist and musicologist Richard Kolb.  Since then, he has studied extensively with Mark Cudek and Richard Stone.
 Brian has been a featured soloist at distinguished venues such as Carnegie Hall, The Kennedy Center, Shriver Hall, and The Boston Early Music Festival.  An avid ensemble player, he has performed with the Boston Early Music Festival Ensemble, The Broken Consort, The Baltimore Baroque Band, The Peabody Consort, and The Peabody Renaissance Ensemble, and is a founding member of the early music improvisation group Divisio.  As a specialist of Renaissance and Baroque improvisation and the history of plucked instruments, Mr. Kay has lectured at Yale University, The Peabody Conservatory, Shriver Hall, and The Walter’s Art Museum. In September, 2012 he was Artist in Residence at The Cushman School in Miami, Florida, where he taught 7th & 8th graders musical appreciation through the experience of composing and producing their own music.

Praised for his “graceful” playing by the Washington Examiner, lutenist

Kevin Payne is active as a recitalist, accompanist, and continuo player in

the Baltimore/Washington/Philadelphia area.  Kevin is a member of the

Buxtehude Consort and the Peabody Consort, with whom he recently performed at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C.  Recent engagements include performances with ORPHEUS and HESPERUS, as well as at the Washington Early Music Festival.  Kevin was recently chosen to represent the Lute Society of America for their 2011 Emerging Artist Recital series at the Boston Early Music Festival.  Kevin is presently the first lutenist admitted to the graduate program in historical performance at the Julliard School of Music in New York City.


Aik Shin Tan began his earliest musical studies with his mother who taught him the piano, violin, and theory.  He later picked up the flute in high school.  In 2010 Aik Shin was accepted into the studio of Gwyn Roberts at the Peabody Conservatory in the USA after a year and half of self-study on the recorder and is currently a junior in the Bachelors of Music program.  Aik Shin participates actively as both ensemble member and soloist in the Peabody Renaissance Ensemble and Peabody Consort, an ensemble of selected students and guest artists selected by the director of the Early Music Department, Mark Cudek.  He also plays in the Baltimore Baroque Band on baroque violin and viola, apart from his duties on the recorder.  In addition to his activities in school, Aik Shin has participated in various festivals and master classes with Marion Verbruggen, Reine-Marie Verhagen, Han Tol, and the Flanders Recorder Quartet.

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