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For questions about Peabody competitions, contact Chelsea Buyalos at or 667-208-6624

2018-19 Competitions
For guidelines and details please download the document listed below:
Peabody Competitions Overview 2018-2019 PDF

Yale Gordon Competition- for instruments other than piano and orchestral bowed strings
Eligible disciplines: Woodwinds, Brass, Percussion, Harp, and Guitar
November 9-10, 2018 (Application Deadline: Monday, October 29 by 11:59 pm)
Preliminary Round: A full recital of solo works (at least 50 minutes of music)
**Final Round concerto may not be featured on the Preliminary Round program.**
Final Round: A concerto from the standard repertoire for solo instrument.
The application deadline has passed.

Harrison Winter Piano Competition  
December 6-7. 2018 (Application Deadline: Monday November 26 by 11:59 pm)
Repertoire: Any Concerto  (excluding Beethoven  No. 4  and  Chopin No. 2)
The application deadline has passed.

Vocal Studies Song Competition
Eligible years of study: Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors, MM, GPD, AD, and DMA
January 24, 2019 (Application Deadline: Monday December 10, 2018 by 11:59 pm)
The applicable language requirements for juries among the various class levels will apply to this competition. Jury requirements for voice can be found in the Peabody Academic Catalogue (Pg. 17). Only non-orchestral/non-operatic/non-chamber song repertoire will be permitted. Each singer should present a list of classical songs—4 songs for undergraduate level and 6 songs for graduate level. These songs should represent a variety of languages applicable to their class level requirement. The graduate competitors must include at least one song composed after 1950. All songs are required to be memorized.
 The application deadline has passed.

The Marbury Competition for Undergraduate Violinists 
February 7, 2019 (Application Deadline: Monday, January 28 by 11:59 pm)
Preliminary Round: Any work or works fifteen (15) minutes in length, designed to demonstrate the student’s technical command and artistry.
The preliminary round performance should not exceed 15 minutes.
Final Round: a concert-length program of recital literature (at least 50 minutes of music)  Concerti are not to be played in the final round.
The application deadline has passed.

Macht Competition for Composition 2019
Application Deadline: Tuesday, April 30, 2019 by 4:00 pm
Application Guidelines