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Note: The following process is approved for use at the Peabody Preparatory for eligible employees only. This does not apply for use at any other schools, divisions, or centers.

What’s Changing in the New Paperless Tuition Remission Process

  • Eliminated the use of SSNs and will utilize employee personnel numbers
  • Eliminated the use of paper forms and will collect data electronically
  • Real-time posting of benefit discount at time of enrollment and full payment of remaining balance at that time

What’s Not Changing in the New Paperless Tuition Remission Process

  • Eligibility requirements and plan benefits determined by JHU central benefits
  • Confirmation of eligibility and final employee approval of benefit determined by JHU central benefits office retrospectively
  • Employee agrees to be responsible for any tuition remission received in error if the benefits office later determines ineligible for the benefit.

What you must do NOW before you can receive the benefit! This must be done before you register for classes, lessons, or programs.

If you or your spouse are a Johns Hopkins University employee or retiree who have used the tuition remission benefit during the last two years, we’ve updated your account records to reflect this relationship in our new student registration system.

Please follow these steps:

  • Go to the login page. If this is your first login in the registration system, you will be prompted to create a password.
  • Your login ID is the Account Holder’s primary e-mail used in SIS (the old registration system) and you may still access SIS to obtain your primary e-mail
  • Complete the following steps for your primary account holder (yourself or spouse) and all students/dependents included on your account. You can edit information and add students as needed!

Confirm accuracy of Customer Type for yourself and EACH family member:

  • Student is a fulltime (FT) JHU employee or Retiree
  • Student is a spouse/dependent of a FT JHU employee
  • Student is a dependent of two FT JHU employees

Confirm the following information for yourself and EACH family member:
(if both parents are eligible employees you will see information for both)

  • Employee personnel number
  • Employee JHED ID
  • Employee full-name

Repeat the above steps for each family member and edit information and add students or family members as needed.