The Peabody Preparatory serves the broader musical community. Its students range in age from infants to senior citizens and in skill from beginners to soon-to-be-professionals. Former students include Philip Glass, Hilary Hahn, and Tori Amos.

With the approval of the appropriate dean of your division at Johns Hopkins, full-time undergraduate students of The Whiting School of Engineering and Krieger School of Arts & Sciences may take advantage of the resources of the Preparatory branch of Peabody. Cross Registration private lessons at the Preparatory are provided at a 25% discount. This discount does not apply to classes. An audition is not necessary to enroll in Preparatory non-credit private lessons, although you may be asked to meet with faculty so they hear you to be placed appropriately.

A Cross Registration form, signed by your school’s Office of the Registrar is required. The signed Cross Registration form should be emailed to prior to your first private lesson to confirm eligibility and cost. Cross registration private lessons are offered in thirty minutes, forty-five minutes, or an hour. You do not receive elective credit for lessons at the Preparatory.

Register online or call 667-208-6640.

Academic Year 2022-23

Tuition is based on a 32-week full academic year.

32 Week 32 Week
with 25% discount
Per Session Per Session
with 25% discount
30 Minutes $2,048.00 $1,536.00 $64.00 $48.00
45 Minutes $3,008.00 $2,256.00 $94.00 $70.50
60 Minutes $3,968.00 $2,976.00 $124.00 $93.00