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Submission deadline EXTENDED for 2020-2021 applications: Friday, September 11 at 11:59 pm. 

Applications submitted after deadline will be considered, by priority given to those who submitted before the deadline.

The Baltimore-Washington Musical Pathways (BWMP) is a new collaborative initiative that seeks to champion a collective approach to diversifying American¬†orchestral¬†classical music¬†and musicians. The program is funded through a visionary grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. This initiative brings¬†together key partners from the Baltimore-Washington region‚ÄĒthe Peabody Institute of the Johns Hopkins University, the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts and the National Symphony Orchestra (NSO), the DC Youth Orchestra Program, and Levine Music‚ÄĒ and seeks to transform the field of classical music through their sustained and combined efforts to support and serve young musicians from diverse backgrounds who aspire to careers in music.¬†

Through the BWMP, talented and highly motivated students from the Baltimore and Washington, DC areas, will receive intensive, high-quality, individual instruction from the region’s leading instructors. Among the activities that students will also participate in are performing with regional youth orchestras, master classes with professional musicians from the NSO and Peabody Conservatory, side-by-sides and on-stage performing, and attending professional concerts. BWMP will offer experiential opportunities including regional convenings, internal and external summer learning, immersive cultural experiences, coaching support, instrument support, and support for parents and families as students develop and deepen their musical learning. BWMP is excited to bring in other organizations whose missions align with the work of the collective to provide experiences and services outside of the cohort’s purview. 

The mission of the Baltimore-Washington Musical Pathways (BWMP) is to prepare and support student musicians in grades 8 through 12 from communities historically underrepresented in U.S. orchestras for study at music conservatories or as music majors at four-year colleges and universities, leading eventually to professional opportunities with the country’s leading ensembles. 

Baltimore Cohort of BWMP

The Baltimore Cohort of BWMP is overseen by the Peabody Preparatory of the Peabody Institute of Johns Hopkins University. The Baltimore Cohort is managed as part of the Peabody Preparatory’s highly successful Tuned-In program and serves as part of the continuum of education offered by that program. 

“If I‚Äôm accepted into the program, what should I expect?”¬†

  • Weekly private instrumental lessons with highly qualified¬†Peabody¬†instructors¬†
  • Peabody¬†youth and/or wind orchestra¬†experience¬†¬†
  • Peabody chamber music coaching provided by¬†highly qualified¬†Peabody¬†instructors¬†
  • Instruction in music theory and musicianship¬†¬†
  • Performance opportunities (solo, chamber and orchestral/large¬†ensemble)¬†¬†
  • Musical enrichment experiences (Concert tickets, backstage access, masterclasses, visiting artists at the KC/BSO),¬†a study of musical¬†entrepreneurial¬†skills¬†teaching, professional development, and¬†college preparation¬†
  • Financial assistant with professional level instrument purchase¬†¬†
  • Academic tutoring/additional academic wraparound services, if needed¬†
  • Audition support, preparation, and¬†travel assistance¬†
  • Financial support for the college/conservatory application process¬†
  • Financial assistance¬†for¬†summer learning opportunities (regional or national)¬†
  • Family support¬†including lessons in Tuned In for siblings, counseling,¬†transportation, and music¬†career education¬†mentoring¬†
  • One on one mentoring¬†for emotional, physical, academic, musical well-being¬†
  • Periodic progress assessments and review of goals¬†¬†
  • Access to the Arthur Friedheim Music Library
  • Access to unique opportunities¬†with BWMP partners¬†
  • Musical exchanges or convenings between the two cohorts ‚Äď one in Washington and one in Baltimore each academic year.¬†

Baltimore-Washington Musical Pathways Application Process

Interested in applying to Baltimore-Washington Musical Pathways?