Robin Gilmore, MFA, ATI, is an internationally recognized Alexander Technique teacher and somatic specialist with 40+ years experience teaching in universities, conferences, organizations, and private practice. As the director of AT teacher training programs in Greensboro, NC and Kyoto, Japan and as guest faculty in other programs, she has mentored several generations of Alexander teachers. She is a Sponsor of Alexander Technique International responsible for assessing new teachers. Gilmore was fortunate to study with pioneering Alexander teacher Marjorie Barstow for a number of years and had a long professional partnership with Marsha Paludan, a founder of release technique.

Gilmore has been dancing her entire life with solo and group performances around the world. She received an award for solo choreography from the Maryland State Arts Council. Improvisation, developmental movement and the natural world inform her teaching and her approach to life. She has published numerous articles, and her book What Every Dancer Needs to Know About the Body (GIA Press), is a required text in many university performing arts departments.