Elisa Santucci joined Peabody after teaching German for three years during his second PhD at Johns Hopkins University. He studied Philosophy in Italy, the UK, Switzerland and lived in Berlin, before continuing to study German thought and literature at NYU and at Hopkins, working at the intersection of literature and philosophy. 

Santucci received his first Ph.D. in Media and Communication from the European Graduate School, Switzerland, with a dissertation on Walter Benjamin’s Windrose, which was published by Atropos Press (New York, Dresden) in 2013. Other publications include: “Rickels’s Bond, A Review of Laurence Arthur Rickels, SPECTRE” in continent; “Benjamin: Gewalt secondo Scheerbart” in Estetica. Studi e Ricerche; “Benjamin’s International Reception, 18th-20th September 2013, Berlin” in Radical Philosophy

ESantucci has been working on the para-concept of “B anality” for his second dissertation: B anal: Cipher Scheerbart, which heavily relies on the thought of Benjamin as well as on the insights of philosopher and psychoanalyst Laurence A. Rickels. In his most recent research project, Dear Mother, On Walser’s Healing Reading, Santucci addresses the figure of the anecdote in Heinrich von Kleist and Robert Walser.