Colton Dodd is an American composer based in New York City, celebrated for his versatile and collaborative approach to music-making. With a background as a classical pianist, extensive experience as a music director, and innovative use of music technology, he excels at understanding and elevating the creative visions of his collaborators across various mediums.

Throughout his career, Dodd has left a distinct mark in film, video games, and dance. As the assistant to internationally acclaimed composers Caroline Shaw and Marty Beller, he has played an integral role in various projects, contributing his expertise in music production for TV shows, movies, and albums. Notably, he worked with Beller on the second season of acclaimed TV show “American Rust” for Amazon Freevee, and with Shaw on the film The Sky Is Everywhere” for Apple and the limited series “Fleishman Is In Trouble” for Hulu. Dodd has orchestrated and produced sessions with esteemed orchestras, including the London Symphony Orchestra and the Seattle Symphony Orchestra.

Dodd’s original score for the short film“Ryn” garnered multiple awards and nominations, including the 2022 Winner March Silver Award for Best Original Song and the 2021 Winner IndieEye Film Award for Best Original Music/Song/Score. Other recent projects which showcase his versatility include “The Silent Manifesto,” “No Way Which Way,” and “Make Some Noise.”

Dodd holds a Bachelor of Music with a concentration in piano performance from Virginia Commonwealth University, a Masters Certificate in Orchestration for Film and TV from Berklee College of Music, and a Masters of Music in Screen Scoring from New York University. His dedication to growth and excellence is evident in his participation in the 2020-21 SCL New York Mentor Program and the GANG Scholars Program. As an adjunct faculty member at NYU, his research interests include the impact of music on audiences’ psychology and the evolving relationship between psychology and music with new technologies like XR and machine learning.

As an amateur woodworker and passionate student of computer technology, Dodd is attuned to the power of both the old and the new. The unique blend of woodworking’s patient craftsmanship with the precision of innovative music technology is reflected in his scores. This dynamic fusion results in poignant and powerful music that resonate with audiences worldwide.