Whether singing the soaring chants of Hildegard of Bingen or crafting arrangements of ancient music for historical harps, Alix Evans is dedicated to breathing life back into ancient music. She finds the sounds of medieval lays, epics, and polyphonic works to be not just aesthetically beautiful, but positively gripping, at once both familiar and captivatingly different. Evans’ passion is inspiring people through performance of this unique repertoire, and drawing them into the world of early music through teaching and performance opportunities.

Evans has performed with choirs and ensembles across North America. With the early music ensemble at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, she explored approaches to harp accompaniment of troubadour song. She has performed with choirs specializing in music of the Renaissance in Baltimore, MD, Ottawa, ON and with Illuminare and Brigid’s Circle in Washington DC. During the pandemic, Evans founded “Falsa Musica,” a venue through which avocational singers could gather online while choirs were dark to sing medieval monophonic music – one of the few repertoires that lends itself to group singing over Zoom.

Evans is the music director of Second Wind Chorus in Washington DC, and runs a thriving private studio. She holds an MM in historical performance and vocal pedagogy from the Peabody Institute at Johns Hopkins.