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Momentum Innovatum

Momentum Innovatum

In early April, Peabody Dance students traveled to the 2024 Palm Springs International Dance Festival for a series of workshops, master classes, and performances. The festival is organized by Nickerson-Rossi Dance, whose namesake artistic director Michael Nickerson-Rossi, now an adjunct faculty member, first came to campus as one of the guest artists that chair danah bella invites to mentor students and set dance pieces. This week’s Momentum Innovatum performance features works by fall 2023 artist-in-residence Azumi OE, 2023-24 guest artists Bernard Brown, Dolly Sfeir, and Pat Taylor, and previous guest artists Kevin Iega Jeff and Peter Pattengill (BFA ’22, Dance), as well as works by faculty artists Brinae AliDiedre DawkinsKelly HirinaKristen Stevenson, and Christopher Pennix, and the debut of a new work by Mike Esperanza, the spring 2024 artist-in-residence.

Photo credit: Paul Wegner

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Momentum Innovatum

Tue Apr 16
7:30 pm - 9:30 pm
Baltimore Museum of Art: Meyerhoff Auditorium