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World Class Means You Can Move the World

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Embracing New Approaches to Develop Exceptional Artists

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Peabody Magazine

Opera Tells a Social Story

Fostering Unique Connections Through the Arts

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Yael Weiss Premieres Commissioning Project

Yael Weiss (BM ’94, Piano) is debuting her new commissioning project at the Strathmore Mansion on January 24. The project, called β€œ32 Bright Clouds...

Sergio Cervetti Releases Eighth Album

Sergio Cervetti (BM ’67, Composition) will release a new album, PARALLEL REALMS – XXI Century Works for Orchestra, on March 8, 2019. Th...

Gemma New Signed to Primo Artists

Gemma New (MM ’11, Conducting) has been signed to Primo Artists for general management. Primo Artists also represents Joshua Bell, Itzhak Per...

From the Dean

The Breakthrough Curriculum will change not just the experience for Peabody students, but the way schools train artists for the future.

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