Studio Recitals

All students between the ages of 6 and 18 perform twice a year in these recitals that are held in place of that week’s regular lessons. Studio recitals are scheduled individually by instructors and may be held in conjunction with other instructors within the same, or similar, discipline. Some teachers with larger studios may schedule more than one recital.

Younger students do not always benefit from the pressure of a recital performance and are not required to participate. However, they may perform if a teacher determines that the performing experience will be of value. Adult students are encouraged but not required to participate in recitals.

Signature Recital Series

Signature Recitals are made available to all music students who study privately at the Preparatory. Adjudicated by Preparatory faculty members, these recitals offer students the opportunity to receive feedback on their playing in an environment more formal than a repertoire class.

Signature Recitals are held 3 times each semester at our Downtown Campus and feature students who have been working on a specific piece or pieces that are ready to perform for an audience.

A teacher submits a student’s name to perform in a recital or virtual competition when a student would benefit most from the experience. That decision is tailored to each student, determined by individual learning styles, personality, and performance levels. Teachers may recommend that a student perform after a piece is seasoned – after the student has had several opportunities to perform the piece in public – or a teacher may suggest that a student participate in a Signature Recital after having performed a piece in only one or two repertoire classes.

Vella Silver Memorial Recital Series

Vella Silver Recitals are another opportunity for music students to perform. Held at the end of each semester (December and May) Silver Recitals feature students at all levels of study – elementary through advanced. In order to be eligible to perform on a Silver Recital, a student must have performed in a Signature Recital during the semester. Through the adjudicated Signature Recitals, faculty members nominate students to perform on Silver Recitals. Selection to perform on a Silver Recital is based on performance quality and not on the level of repertoire. An elementary level student who gives an outstanding performance has as much chance to be nominated to perform on a Silver Recital as an advanced level student.


Amelia Baisden, cello (teacher: Daniel Levitov)
Jacqi Fan, violin (teacher: Rebecca Henry)
Eli Gorby, violin (teacher: Heather Haughn)
Hope Han, piano (teacher: Hyun-Sook Park)
Ellie Holdhoff, violin (teacher: Grace Kim)
Henry Horst, piano (teacher: Michael Angelucci)
Harnoor Jassi, cello (teacher: Bai-Chi Chen)
Thomas Menezes, cello (teacher: Alicia Ward)
Elyse Sohn, cello (teacher: Bai-Chi Chen)
Alan Stoupel, percussion (teacher: Nonoka Mizukami)
Andy Yoon, piano (teacher: Hyun-Sook Park)

Congratulations to all of the participants! The judges were very impressed with the high level of performance.

Senior Recitals

Although students do not technically graduate from the Preparatory, we do offer some special opportunities to high school seniors who are finishing their studies and moving on to college. Advanced level students may be invited to perform in an Invitational Senior Recital during their last semester. Selection for these recitals is based on student progress and past performance experience. The Preparatory Director will select students from a list of seniors nominated by individual instruction faculty.

Groups of two to three students may choose to present a Joint Senior Recital. These recitals, coordinated by individual faculty members, allow students the opportunity to be featured on a recital separate from a studio recital. Usually students on these recitals play several pieces or one longer composition. Typically, the students come from the same teacher’s studio, but it is not uncommon for friends from different studios to come together for a shared recital.

Finally, we invite all graduating seniors to participate in the Senior Recital at Towson. Coordinated by faculty members, this recital gives any senior, the opportunity to perform a piece on a recital designed to celebrate the accomplishments of all our departing seniors.