Dance&Play for Early Childhood
Sunday, April 28, 2024
1:00-3:45 PM
Peabody Downtown Campus
Dance Studios
Austrian Hall

Dance&Play provides Early Childhood Program families and students a culminating End-of-Year celebration that is engaging, educational, and developmentally sound. 
In accordance with the Preparatory Dance End-of-Year ballet is a new interactive storytelling event that is offered all students of the Early Childhood Program. Dance&Play invites students and caregivers to share creativity through movement improvisation, music making, and storytelling as we journey through our rendition of the Sleeping Beauty. This event is free and open to all ECP students. Dance&Play is not a recital or performance of ECP student work, but is a celebration of early childhood imagination, creativity, and wonder through dance. 

Join us to dance, play, and imagine with your little one this year’s story of Sleeping Beauty! 


Day of Schedule:
1pm-2:15pm: Caregiver & Me, Creative Dance 1, Creative Dance 2
2:30pm-3:45pm: Introduction to Ballet 1 & 2

We hope to see you there and at our Preparatory Dance adaptation of the Sleeping Beauty on Sunday, May 19, 2024 in the Miriam A. Friedberg Concert Hall. Performances will be held at 1:00pm and 4:30pm.   

Caregiver & Me, Creative Dance 1, Creative Dance 2


Introduction to Ballet 1 & 2