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Submission deadline for 2021-2022 applications: Thursday, July 1 at 11:59 pm. 

Notifications will be available on Thursday, July 15.

Applications submitted after deadline will be considered, by priority given to those who submitted before the deadline.

Who should apply for the Baltimore Cohort of BWMP? 

The Baltimore Cohort of BWMP is open by application and audition to rising 8th-12th grade students, residing within the Baltimore metro region, from backgrounds that are underrepresented within the professional orchestra field including Black or AfricanAmericans, Hispanic, Native Americans (American Indians, Alaska Natives, and Native Hawaiians), and Pacific Islanders. Recognizing the great financial commitment required to complete a comprehensive musical education, financial need will be taken into consideration and substantial financial aid will be provided to accepted students.  

Students from other racial groups, while not eligible for this program, are eligible to be considered for the Peabody Preparatory’s Tuned-In program. Students from other instrumental ensemble genres (American Roots) are would also be eligible for consideration in for Tuned-In.  

As the BWMP is a highly selective and intensive musical training program, applicants must be highly driven, dedicated, and interested in pursuing a professional career in classical music. Students should expect to practice at least ten hours each week outside of rehearsals and lesson time. Students are also required to attend concerts, engage with mentors, and attend other events intended to help prepare them for college and beyond. In addition, families must be prepared to support their child’s commitment to the program. 

As the primary long-term goal of this program is to champion the diversification of American orchestral classical music, this program is only open to students playing the following orchestral instruments: 

  • Violin, viola, cello, double bass¬†
  • Flute, clarinet, oboe, bassoon¬†
  • Horn, trumpet, trombone/bass trombone, tuba¬†
  • Percussion, harp¬†

How do I apply? 

The application and audition process will consist of the following elements: 

Online Application 

  • Includes questions on family information,¬†demographics, musical experience, academic experience, and¬†financial overview.¬†
  • Essay question¬†included in the application:¬† What gives you a unique voice to be able use your music to better¬†yourself and¬†society and how might being a part of this program help you achieve your goals?¬†
    • A written essay¬†(750 word maximum) or video essay (5 minute maximum) must be included in the application submission.
  • Essay Tips:¬†Please type your¬†essay and save as either a MS Word file (.docx) or as a PDF (.pdf) file.¬†¬†
  • For External Candidates Only: A teacher recommendation and family interview will be needed (internal candidates do not need to provide a recommendation or family interview). Teacher recommendations can be sent in PDF form to Elijah Wirth (

Video Audition (included within the online application)

  • Prepare 2 contrasting¬†movements from¬†solo pieces of standard¬†solo repertoire for your instrument.¬†
  • Pieces may be performed with¬†or without recorded¬†accompaniment.
  • The video should preferably be one-take and unedited. You can try as many times as you want to and submit your best take. ¬†
  • Your video must include:
    • An introduction of your name and instrument¬†¬†
    • Announce and play the 1st piece ¬†
    • Announce and play the 2nd piece ¬†
  • Video Tips:¬†Use a smart phone video in landscape orientation.¬†Use the rear facing camera.¬†Use a tripod or rest the device on a stable platform. No handheld videos.¬†Ensure your whole self is visible and that you fully fill the frame.¬†Record in a well-lit and spacious quiet room.¬†Dress professionally, like at a performance.¬†Look at the recording device when speaking
  • Don’t have the appropriate equipment or resources described above in order to make a recording? Email to set up a zoom audition.¬†

Ready to Apply?

Are you ready to apply for Baltimore-Washington Musical Pathways?