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Doreen Falby, Campus Coordinator

Howard County Office Hours

The Howard County campus office hours are variable. An answering machine is available to take messages for faculty members who teach at the four campus locations. For all administrative questions (catalog requests, registration, billing, placement), please call the Downtown Campus, 667-208-6640.

Parking at the Howard County Locations

Parking is available free of charge at each of the locations in Howard County. For students who require parking for Downtown Campus activities, please see Downtown campus information.

Access to the Howard County Locations

The Howard County locations are open only when instruction is offered. It is recommended that students be walked to and from teacher studios. A Peabody ID card is not required for entrance or access to the campus.

Howard County Locations

Patapsco Middle School

8885 Old Frederick Road
Ellicott City, MD 21044

Individual instruction in violin, viola and cello

Long Reach High School

6101 Old Dobbin Lane
Columbia, MD 21044

Brass and woodwind instruction

Abiding Savior Lutheran Church

10689 Owen Brown Road
Columbia, MD 21044

Voice instruction and classes

Garden Presbyterian Church

8665 Old Annapolis Road
Columbia, MD 21045

Children’s Chorus, Chorus +, and Chorus Prep Classes