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Signature Recitals are an opportunity for all music students – regardless of age or ability – to gain valuable experience on stage. These recitals are adjudicated by Preparatory faculty who give written feedback and select students to perform on one of the Vella Silver Memorial Recitals that come at the end of each semester. To be selected for the honor of playing on a Silver Recital, students must present a polished performance at any level – elementary through advanced – so please encourage well-prepared students at all levels to participate. There are 5 Signature Recitals each semester – 4 downtown and 1 at the Towson campus. Students from any campus may perform these recitals.

Entry Gudelines

Students may perform on one recital per semester. Students wishing to perform on more than one recital per semester will be put on a wait list until the entry deadline. If space is available, students who have previously performed will be allowed to perform again. If there is more than one student on the wait list, those who submitted the entry form earliest will be placed first.

Recitals will be programmed for no more than 75 minutes of music.

Each student is limited to 10 minutes of repertoire – NO EXCEPTIONS.

Teachers may elect to have a student play for written feedback only thus removing the added pressure of competing.

Please plan ahead! Because recitals almost always become full, submit forms early to ensure there will be room for your student. Entry into these recitals is on a first come first served basis. Please fill out the forms completely, giving information in the way it is requested so that the program can be prepared on time. Only completed forms received by the deadline will be included in the recital.

Policy for Silver Recitals

Students selected to perform on the Silver Recital will be limited to 10 minutes. This means if a student is selected by the judges of more than one Signature Recital, he/she must choose only 10 minutes of repertoire to perform.