An audition is required for acceptance into Summer Vocal Academy Jr.   Applicants may record either of the following options:  

  1. An art song in any language which they already know and have prepared. An art song is a classical song for solo singer  (eg Caro mio ben; Linden Lea etc).  Singing the line of a choral part is not an art song selection,  and the singer should prepare one of the selections below instead.

  2. If  the applicant does not already have any solo repertoire to offer, please prepare and record one of the two songs below. Please choose the one which fits range and voice the best.  
    Greensleeves (sheet music) (recorded accompaniment)
    The Skye Boat Song, (sheet music) (recorded accompaniment)

    The applicant may have somebody play the accompaniment on the piano for the recording, or they may use the recorded accompaniment tracks.  

Please upload your videos to the application portal or include links to unlisted YouTube videos.

Your video can be made at home on a phone, iPad, computer, or other digital recording device.

  • You may use a recorded accompaniment track or a live pianist.
  • You may record each song as a separate track
  • Your video may be full length or from the hip up.
  • check recording sound levels so that your voice can be heard clearly.
  • ensure that light is coming from in front of you so we can see your face

Once accepted, each student will  1.  receive a song assignment, and 2. a poem list from which he/she should select a poem he/she would like to perform at the culminating concert.