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We want to be sure that everyone is aware of our most important policies, for they help us to focus on the work at hand and achieve our goal of creating a great artistic experience for our singers without distraction or misunderstanding.  Therefore, all relevant clauses must be read and agreed to and acted upon in order to participate in chorus. Submission of the Family Information Form represents your agreement and acceptance of all clauses. Thank you for your assistance and support.

Cell Phone Use

Cell phone use of any kind (calling, texting, taking photographs or video) is prohibited during chorus rehearsal.  Singers may use phones before and after rehearsal, and during designated breaks.  Cell phones must be turned off during rehearsal.  After one warning, cell phone use may result in expulsion.


Training Choir and Choristers┬áare allowed two absences per semester (semesters run SeptemberÔÇôDecember, and JanuaryÔÇôMay). After two absences in one semester, a student must make-up any missed rehearsals at the other campus. Otherwise, a student will be prohibited from participating in any concerts that semester due to the studentÔÇÖs lack of rehearsal preparation. Exceptions may be made in extreme cases.

Cantate members are expected to make-up any missed rehearsals. Exceptions may be made in extreme cases.

All students must have written notification from the parent in order to leave rehearsal early, unless the parent is present and signs the student out with the Chorus Manager.

All students must attend all Concert Week events for their assigned concert in order to perform.


Guests under five years of age are not permitted to attend PCC concerts.
All photography during performances is prohibited.
Any kind of recording during performances is prohibited.