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Catch up on your graduation requirements!

Peabody is offering its graduate students three online seminars this summer. You can register for them through SIS, as you would register for any class. Summer Session runs June 22 to August 9.

Playing Well 1: Anatomy and Movement

Course Number: PY.123.521
Professor: Dr. Serap Bastepe-Gray
Credits: 3

Offered at the graduate level, this course covers anatomy and movement concepts as applied to music making, with particular attention to those structures at risk for repetitive trauma. This three-credit, seven-week online course is asynchronous, so you can work through the weekly course material when it’s convenient for you. Through original and curated videos, assigned reading, participation in discussion boards, and individual assignments, you will learn how musicians use their bodies, exploring the skeletal, muscular, and nervous systems as well as posture and breathing, and analyzing movements that can cause stress and injury.

Expanding the Canon: Women and Minority Composers

Course Number: PY.610.683
Professor: Dr. Matthew Reese
Credits: 3

In this seminar we’ll explore the lives and music of twelve female or minority composers with special attention to reception history, and the challenges of expanding the classical canon. Artistic “Canons” are complex, nebulous, and inherently fraught structures, in which cultural establishments reflect and propagate their values. In this course, we will investigate the histories of these canons, and the rationales for the inclusions and, most importantly, exclusions. Our individual case studies are linked by this broader historiographical narrative.

Tonal Analysis Principles

Course Number: PY.710.663
Professor: Dr. Joel Puckett
Credits: 3

A study of techniques for the analysis of common-practice tonal music. A variety of forms, genres, and styles will be explored.

Note for International Students

Please note that, depending on the country you are in for the summer and its government policies, some course material may not be available since external links may be blocked. This should not preclude you from registering for the course, but know that you may run into occasional issues.

Tuition Fees

Since these are summer courses, they will cost the standard per credit tuition fee. Current academic year per-credit fees are listed here under “Supplementary Study.” You do not need to pay this in advance; you will be billed as usual.

Enrollment Policy

Registration Opens: April 20
Recommended Register-By Date: June 15
Last Day to Register: June 25
Last Day to Drop with Delete from Transcript: July 3
Last Day to Withdraw with Grade: July 17

Refund Policy

100% – prior to June 22
90% – June 22- 26
50% – June 27- July 3
25% – July 4- 10
0% – on or after July 11