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The Peabody Summer Guitar Intensive is an opportunity for young guitarists (ages 9 –13) to explore their interest in classical guitar through a week of online workshops with world class guitar faculty in a fun, supportive and inclusive environment.

Young Guitarists will be participating in Master Classes with Preparatory and Conservatory faculty as well as playing in virtual ensembles, both with their peers in the youth track and also the SGI Guitar Virtual Orchestra alongside all other participants. The ability to read standard notation at a basic level (all six strings in first position) and experience playing on a nylon string classical guitar are prerequisite. Additionally, students will sharpen their music theory knowledge with engaging activities, deepen their understanding of classical guitar repertoire and dabble in some other guitar styles. All interested classical guitarists who meet these requirements are invited to take part in what will be an educational and enjoyable program.

Young Guitarist Track Daily Schedule

9:00 am: Morning technique class/warm up
9:30 am: Guitar escape room or Repertoire class
10:00 am: Master Class/Virtual part coaching
10:55 am: Break
11:10 am: Learn a Riff
11:50 am: Assignment given for afternoon practice
12:00 pm: End