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Photo credit: Carin Morrell


The Young Children’s Program for three to six year-olds is designed to spark innate creativity and to begin to build a foundation for more in-depth technical training. This one-class-per- week program offers two levels of training for children. Creative Dance 1 and 2 for three and four year-olds sets a strong foundation for more formal dance study by strengthening movement/locomotive skills and flexibility and by stimulating rhythmic awareness and expressiveness. Introduction to Ballet 1 and 2 for five and six year-olds approach basic fundamentals of ballet (placement, port de bras, footwork, and simple vocabulary). Students will stay in their level for the duration of the full school year– placements for fall will stay the same for spring unless the instructor advises otherwise.

Curriculum and Class Levels:

  • Creative Dance 1 (minimum age: 3 years) — one 60-minute class
  • Creative Dance 2 (minimum age: 4 years) — one 60-minute class
  • Introduction to Ballet 1 (minimum age: 5-6 years) — one 60-minute class
  • Introduction to Ballet 2 (minimum age: 6 years) — one 60-minute class