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Class Schedule & Calendar

Fall 2017 Dance Class Schedule
2017-18 Dance Calendar (updated 11/1/2017)
2017-18 Rehearsal Schedule


The heart of the Peabody Preparatory's dance philosophy is the expectation that all students, whether they are professional aspirants, or children or mature adults exploring the joys of dancing, will have the opportunity to reach their own desired level of achievement. In return, a nationally respected faculty are dedicated to meeting the needs of their students on an individual basis and to offering them exemplary training, inspiration, and encouragement.

New Students

Peabody Preparatory Dance generally requires a placement class for all new students with previous training in order to determine the appropriate class level in a particular program. Specific placement requirements for each program are listed below. Placement classes may be arranged on an individual basis, or scheduled during the Peabody Preparatory Placement Day in late August. Contact the Preparatory Dance Office at or 667-208-6648 to arrange for a placement class.

Preparing for Placement

Students should arrive prepared to take a complete dance class. Those who do not have dance clothing or shoes should wear close-fitting clothing that permits movement and stretching, and thick socks on their feet. Female students should pull their hair back into a bun or similar style, off of the face and neck and secured to the head.

Directions and Parking

More information on how to get to each of our branches and parking is available on our campus pages.

Placement Requirements

Young Children’s Program (age 3-6)

  • Age 3: placement class required to ascertain readiness for group dance instruction
  • Age 4: no placement class required; all 4 year-olds will enter Creative Dance
  • Age 5: no placement class required; all 5 year-olds will enter Introduction to Ballet 1
  • Age 6: placement class required. In general, prior ballet training is required to enter Introduction to Ballet 2

Primary Ballet Program (age 7-12)
Pre-Professional Program (age 10-young adult)
Open Program (age 8-adult)

All students age 8 and older with prior training must take a placement class. Significant prior ballet training is required to be placed in the Pre-Professional Program. All 7 year-olds (including those with previous training) will enter the Primary Ballet Program in Level 1. New students age 8-young adult with no previous training do not require placement and may enter an appropriate beginning level as follows:

  • Age 7: no placement class required; all 7 year-olds will enter Primary Ballet Program Level 1
  • Age 8-12: beginners may register for the Primary Ballet Program in Level 1, the Open Program in Contemporary Dance-Beginners, and/or Flamenco and Spanish Dance
  • Age 13-adult: beginners may register in the Open Program for Ballet for Teens and Adults-Beginners, Contemporary Dance-Fundamentals, and/or Flamenco and Spanish Dance for Teens and Adults

Estelle Dennis/Peabody Dance Training Program for Boys (age 9-15)

Acceptance into this tuition-free program is by audition only. Auditions are held each May and September; audition dates are posted in mid-March.

Continuing Students

All Preparatory Dance students registered for the Spring semester or for one of the Summer sessions will be advised of their placement for the upcoming school year by the faculty. Evaluation and student-parent-teacher communication will be ongoing. Parents may contact the Peabody Preparatory Dance office to request a conference to hear details of their child’s progress, but should not attend any new student placement sessions in August. Students who miss a significant amount of time during the school year may have their placement reevaluated upon their return.

Class/Level Assignments

At the time of placement, faculty will advise on program and class assignments according to student ability and interest. It is important to note that a level or class assignment is merely an indication of a student’s current stage of accomplishing the required skills. Students are placed where the faculty feel they will profit most, and when appropriate, where students will build the skills needed for successful advancement within their program. During the placement class, faculty consider and evaluate student age, years of study, physical facility, innate coordination, quickness in digesting and retaining movement, musicality, and expressiveness. It may be beneficial for students to spend more than one year in a level, and faculty commonly make this recommendation so students are fully prepared to tackle the challenges of the next class or level.


Dress Code

The Dress Code is intended to allow students to move free of distracting or inhibiting clothing or hairstyles, and to help faculty see and correct the students’ bodies. Many of the policies help to reduce the possibility of injury to oneself or one’s classmates. These policies are standard among pre-professional dance training programs and also serve to prepare students to present themselves professionally for auditions, master classes, and performance opportunities beyond Peabody.

General Rules for All Dance Students
Dress Code by Class (PDF forthcoming)

How to Register

Registration is completed through the Peabody Preparatory. Online registration is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; registering online is the quickest way to secure a place in the class of your choice.

The Peabody Preparatory school year consists of a 32-week period, which is divided into two 16-week semesters. The dance curriculum is designed for year long study for all classes except those in the Open Program. Tuition fees are listed per semester; a registration fee of $25 will be charged per semester or Summer session. The Summer session has dance courses ranging from one to six weeks. The Fall semester, Spring semester, and Summer session each require separate registration and payment. Please view the Peabody Preparatory academic calendar for the start and end dates of each registration period.

Approval Required

Most Preparatory Dance classes are listed as "approval required" in the online registration system. This message will appear even after the student has completed a placement class. Please refer to the registration instructions given at the time of placement. Students listed under "approval required" do have a space in the class if they have paid the registration fee and tuition. Peabody Preparatory Dance staff will mark all placed students "approved" before the first day of the semester or session.

Register and Payment Information

Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis. Class sizes are limited, and classes may fill early. In order to be admitted to a class, and to avoid incurring late registration or payment fees, all students must register through the Peabody Preparatory in accordance with the registration deadlines each semester and for the Summer session.

Questions regarding registration and payment should be directed to the Preparatory Registrar.