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The Peabody Preparatory‚Äôs plans for a careful and gradual resumption of some limited in-person activities for the spring 2021 semester have been confirmed. 

With everyone‚Äôs shared commitment and dedication to following best practices in containing the spread of the virus, and the added support of a University-supported COVID testing program for Preparatory faculty and staff, we believe we can prudently and safely move towards a limited on-campus experience this semester: a hybrid semester that offers opportunities for optional limited in-person instruction, while continuing the remote experience for the majority of our instructional lessons and classes. However, we will slowly add additional activities over the course of the semester, so we have time to carefully evaluate and determine next steps.  

Recognizing that some students, families, and faculty are at a higher risk of adverse outcomes from COVID-19 or are in a household with somebody who is, the Preparatory‚ÄĮwill NOT REQUIRE onsite instruction‚ÄĮand families will have the choice to remain entirely online. Please note that this choice is also being afforded to faculty, and while they have the option to return to campus for onsite opportunities, they can elect to remain fully online. Your instructor will be in touch regarding their specific plans. 


The Preparatory will begin the semester online and gradually add opportunities for in-person experience as follows:‚ÄĮ¬†

  • Monday, January 25‚ÄĮ‚ÄstSpring semester will begin‚ÄĮONLINE‚ÄĮfor¬†ALL¬†students.¬†
  • Week of February 22‚ÄĮ‚Äď Begin limited in-person experiences¬†for¬†some¬†Large Ensembles and Dance¬†for students 12 years and¬†older¬†ONLY.¬†Younger students will remain online.¬†¬†
  • Week of March 15‚ÄĮ‚Äď Add limited monthly in-person experience for¬†some¬†private and group instruction‚ÄĮfor students 12 years and¬†older¬†ONLY.¬†Younger students will remain online.¬†

Preparatory instruction will remain primarily online with‚ÄĮlimited onsite opportunities for specific groups as listed below. For Spring 2021, there will be¬†NO ACCESS¬†to the downtown campus for the Preparatory¬†until¬†the Conservatory concludes its Spring semester to facilitate keeping the two Institute populations separated to decrease the risk of exposure for either population. Our Conservatory student and faculty colleagues will utilize the downtown campus for their onsite instructional experiences, and the Preparatory will utilize our Towson Campus for our limited onsite lessons and classes experiences for both Downtown and Towson students. Planned return to¬†the¬†downtown campus will depend on¬†Maryland¬†state guidelines and JHU response.‚ÄĮHoward County and Annapolis students will remain online¬†until¬†we have received specific guidance from each¬†property owner¬†regarding their plans for campus access for tenants. If permission is given for onsite access, Howard County and Annapolis students will follow¬†guidance at¬†each¬†location¬†in addition to the¬†Preparatory‚Äôs¬†guidelines and plan.¬†

Onsite instruction will be limited to faculty or student‚ÄĮcohort rotations providing some inperson experience¬†for students 12 years and¬†older¬†ONLY.¬†Younger students will remain online.¬†Creating a faculty or student‚ÄĮrotation decreases‚ÄĮdensity, maintains distancing and air exchange protocols, and limits potential exposure.‚ÄĮFamilies and faculty who are concerned about returning to‚ÄĮcampus may remain fully online for their instructional delivery.¬†¬†

  • Guitar, Harp, Percussion, Piano, Strings, Woodwinds, and Brass will remain primarily online with‚ÄĮlimited onsite opportunities.¬†¬†
  • Voice to remain entirely online. Some onsite voice opportunities may be possible once the Preparatory returns to the Downtown Campus and can access low latency studio spaces to better accommodate these activities safely.‚ÄĮ¬†
  • Dance will remain primarily online with‚ÄĮlimited onsite opportunities.¬†¬†
  • Early Childhood and Prep programs for students younger than 12 will remain entirely online.
  • Choral programs will remain online, however, further exploration into limited in-person outdoor opportunities based on current guidelines will be further explored, pending approval.¬†¬†

Return to Campus

JHU Affiliate Preparatory Faculty, Staff, Parents, and Students will follow the return to campus guidelines set forth by JHU for campus access including all testing, contact tracing, and containment protocols along with the use of the ProDensity App.

Non-JHU Affiliate Parents/Guardians/Students will use the Auxs Safety App as their online health-check portal. Parents will receive login information and access to the app to set up their account for use beginning on February 18, 2021.

Parents are required to conduct the online health-check via the Auxs Safety App for each individual student on the day they intend to physically be on campus. The app will ask the following questions:

  • Do you live with someone who was diagnosed with COVID-19 (coronavirus) within the last 14 days?
  • Do you currently have any of these symptoms: fever, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, acute loss of taste or smell, headache, diarrhea/vomiting, new fatigue/muscle aches or runny nose/congestion that began in the last 72 hours?

If the response to all questions is negative, an electronic green go pass will be issued via the app and also sent to account emails permitting access the campus for the day the questionnaire is completed. Each student coming to campus must show their individual green go pass to Preparatory staff at the entrance to the Towson Campus to be permitted onsite.

If the response to any of the questions is affirmative, students will not be permitted to participate in on-campus activities and will receive an electronic red stop pass indicating that they are not permitted on campus.

Students are only permitted on campus with a green go pass issued by the Auxs Safety App or, if they are Johns Hopkins affiliates, by the ProDensity app.

In addition to completing the online health-check, the following process will be utilized for bringing students to campus:

  • Students will be required to show their green¬†go¬†pass to Peabody Preparatory¬†to gain access to the Towson Campus.¬†Red¬†stop¬†passes will not be permitted on campus for the health and safety of all Preparatory faculty, staff, and students. We recognize that not all students have their own digital devices and that a parent may need to enter the building to show their child‚Äôs‚ÄĮgreen¬†go¬†pass but they must exit immediately via the rear door and cannot remain onsite.
  • Students will enter via the main front door but will exit via the rear door(s) to assist with traffic flow within the building. Students should be dropped off at campus just prior to the time the on-campus activity begins and expect to exit the premises for pick-up when the activity ends. There will be no opportunity to linger inside Peabody spaces or congregate nearby.

The Auxs Safety App

Text: Auxs Safety App powered by AuxsThe Quick Reference Guide to the Auxs Safety App includes instructions for:

  • App Registration
  • IOS/Apple Install Guide
  • Android Install Guide
  • How to Change Your Password
  • COVID-19 Screening Form
  • Auxs¬†Safety App Support Contact Information

COVID-19 Testing and Positive Test results 

Faculty/Staff Testing and Positive Test Results: Faculty and Staff will follow all JHU testing, reporting, quarantining, and return to work protocols regarding positive test results.

  • Response to¬†positive Faculty/Staff COVID-19¬†case:
    • Preparatory staff will work to contact students regarding a positive test result.
    • Parents/Guardians of students will be informed of a potential exposure to a positive COVID case.
    • Students in close contact with the faculty will be required to remain off campus for 14 days.

Student Positive Test Result: Johns Hopkins will not be able to offer COVID testing to Preparatory Students. All students who test positive during the course of the semester should be reported to the local Department of Health for contact tracing and Parents/Guardians should inform the Preparatory of potential exposure.

  • Any potential exposure can be reported via the questionnaire included in¬†Auxs Safety App¬†to ensure the data being shared remains confidential and is securely handled.
  • Response to¬†Student testing positive:
    • Students who test positive for¬†COVID-19 are excluded from in-person¬†activities¬†until they receive negative test results. Their Auxs Safety¬†App will continue to show a¬†red¬†stop¬†pass¬†for 14 days after the initial positive test communication.
  • Response to Close Contact with a¬†Student with a positive¬†COVID-19¬†test:
    • Faculty will be informed of potential exposure and Faculty/Staff will follow all JHU guidance regarding COVID exposure.
    • Parents/Guardians of students will be informed of a potential exposure to a positive COVID case.
    • Students in close contact (defined as having been less than six feet apart for more than 15 minutes) with the student will be required to remain off campus for 14 days. Their Auxs Safety¬†App will continue to show a¬†red¬†stop¬†pass¬†for 14 days after the initial positive test communication.

Campus Guidance

We will continue to require strict adherence to proven public safety protocols including masking, physical distancing, and handwashing. For instrument-specific guidance around studio lessons and ensemble classes, please read the Preparatory’s detailed return-to-campus guidance for applied instruction at These protocols have been developed with input from the university’s leading health experts to ensure the safety of our community.

Online health-check monitoring via the Auxs Safety App is required for all students intending to come to campus. All Preparatory Faculty and Staff, and JHU Affiliates will follow the return to campus guidelines set forth by JHU for campus access including all testing, contact tracing, and containment protocols along with the use of the ProDensity App.

To reduce the risk of the virus’ spread, some alterations have been made to the campus, including signage reinforcing the need to remain physically distant from each other, and enhanced air filtration units in our buildings. With the guidance of JHU public health professionals, we are ensuring that common areas and teaching spaces are cleaned and disinfected appropriately with time between scheduled activities for rooms to rest.

In addition, to assist with dedensification and campus traffic flow, students will enter via the main front door and show their green go pass to proceed to their designated classroom(s) but will exit via the rear exit. as shown below:

A map of the Towson campus

Also shown on this diagram are the room pairings to assist with managing the required room air exchanges. Each faculty member will be assigned two classrooms for in-person instruction and they will rotate between the two spaces between lessons. Students should wait to enter the unused room until their teacher is available to join the student. At the conclusion of the lesson, students are expected to assist their teacher with wiping down their music stand, chair, and instrument, if applicable.