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The fall 2020 semester is quickly approachingand we at Peabody continue in our preparations to provide the best possible educational and artistic experience for you while ensuring your health and safety and the health and safety of our community. We are pleased to be able to share with you the core components of our plan for beginning the 2020-21 Academic Year at Peabody and open enrollments for this year. 

Our plans have been crafted with help and guidance from your responses to our online survey, faculty chairs, Peabody‚Äôs professional staff, and public health experts at Johns Hopkins and elsewhere. Our plan is built on the guidelines outlined in the University‚Äôs‚ÄĮPhases for Resuming On-Campus Activity, which in turn dovetails with the State of Maryland‚Äôs Roadmap to Recovery. It is critical to note that flexibility and responsiveness are key components of these plans. As a community, we must, at all times be prepared to adapt quickly and adjust our activities based on the public health indicators of a continually evolving situation. Please be aware that all of these plans are subject to change. If the public health situation requires it, we will put the health of our community first and return to fully remote instruction. 

With that in mind, the Preparatory‚Äôs faculty chairs and staff have worked to create an educational experience in a variety of modalities to suit differing needs across all disciplines within the Preparatory that will facilitate, where feasible, a mostly online experience with some limited onsite opportunities for in-person instruction through the fall semester. Our teachers have been continuing to develop inventive curriculum that suits the multiple learning styles of our online learners. 

 We understand that some students, families, and faculty are at higher risk of adverse outcomes from COVID or must stay in close contact with those who are. We also understand that given the fluid situation within our community, families are facing challenges regarding return to school and work.  While we are aiming to offer some very limited in-person learning opportunities, students, families, and faculty may elect to remain entirely online for the fall semester. 

Details regarding any onsite opportunities will be relayed by departments and program directors and the Preparatory will continue to update this webpage as new information is finalized. 

Phases for Instruction

The following framework will be applied in ALL departments and at each campus location and serve as the basis for a guide for faculty and families, clearly articulating what to expect in the fall and likely into the following year. These plans will be reviewed for Spring 2021. At this point in time, the University is in Phase 1.  

Phase 0 and 1: All Peabody Preparatory¬†instruction will remain entirely¬†online.‚ÄĮ‚ÄĮ¬†

Phase 2a:¬†Our plan at this point is to begin the fall semester in Phase 2a, in accordance with University and State of Maryland planning.¬†All Preparatory instruction will remain primarily online with‚ÄĮlimited onsite in-person opportunities¬†on a monthly basis,¬†according to¬†disciplinespecific guidance included below.¬†The frequency of in-person experiences may increase depending on¬†safety evaluations¬†and¬†suitable space availability.¬†Students, families, and faculty may elect to remain entirely online for the fall semester.¬†

Phase 2b:‚ÄĮOnsite in-person instruction will increase in frequency as¬†allowed¬†by MD state guidelines and JHU response but still blend with online options¬†and¬†following¬†disciplinespecific guidance included below.¬†¬†

Phase 3:‚ÄĮAll Preparatory operations return to normal,‚ÄĮincluding voice, woodwinds, brass, dance, early childhood and choral¬†programs.¬†

Department Specific Guidance

For the fall our planned opportunities¬†to provide some in-person experiences for students¬†will be limited to a monthly¬†rotation of¬†faculty or student‚ÄĮcohorts.¬†Creating‚ÄĮa rotation facilitates decreasing‚ÄĮdensity, maintains distancing and air exchange protocols, and limits potential exposure.‚ÄĮWhile the plan calls for an effort to provide¬†a¬†monthly in-person onsite experience, this will not be feasible in all departments, and¬†some¬†departments may be able to increase their onsite experience depending on¬†safety evaluations and¬†space availability. Our general guidance will be as follows:¬†¬†

Guitar, Harp, Percussion, Piano, and Strings¬†will remain primarily online with‚ÄĮlimited¬†monthly¬†onsite opportunities.¬†¬†

Voice, Woodwinds & Brass will remain entirely online. Some onsite opportunities may be possible once the Preparatory returns to the Downtown campus after December 1, where the Preparatory has access to appropriate studio spaces to better accommodate these activities safely.  

Choral programs will remain entirely online.  

Dance¬†will remain primarily online with‚ÄĮlimited onsite opportunities.¬†¬†

Early Childhood will remain entirely online.  

Campus Specific Guidance

Downtown Students: For Fall 2020, there will be NO ACCESS to the Downtown campus for the Preparatory until Monday, November 30, when the Conservatory returns home for Thanksgiving, to facilitate keeping the two Institute populations separated to decrease the risk of exposure for either population. Our Conservatory student and faculty colleagues will utilize the Downtown campus for their onsite instructional experiences, and the Preparatory will utilize our Towson campus for our onsite lessons and classes experiences for both Downtown and Towson students. 

Towson Students: Downtown and Towson lessons and classes will share the Towson campus until Monday, November 30, when Downtown lessons and classes will return to the Downtown campus. Towson students will remain at Towson.  

Howard County Students: Howard County lessons and classes will remain online until we have received specific guidance from each landlord regarding their plans for campus access for tenants. If permission is given for onsite access, Howard County students will follow the above guidelines. 

Annapolis Students: Annapolis lessons and classes will remain online until we have received specific guidance from our landlord regarding their plans for campus access for tenants. If permission is given for onsite access, Annapolis students will follow the above guidelines.