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Piano is understood more with life than with schooling. Hexing Xiao started his musical life at a tender age only to find his interest dwindled and his training grind to a halt, yet his love for piano was rekindled after he benefitted from its soothing power first-hand while pursuing his B.S. in physics at college. Switching gear quickly, he embarked on the renewed journey, which brought him to the Peabody Institute, after stopping by at the University of Kansas and College-Conservatory of Music at Cincinnati. Xiao performed as soloist along the way in both grand halls and at family concerts, and shared the stage with other musicians, because for him there is no stage that is too small.

Xiao received wide recognition and coveted awards at the places he performed and studied, but his proudest achievement is what he has learned from his teachers: enlightened musicianship and the love to spread music further by teaching. Apart from honing his pianism at the keyboard, Xiao also values theory, history, and other related knowledge, for both his own musical growth and his students’ development. Ready to share and guide, Hexing is thrilled to place himself as a scaffold for the abilities of the students to appreciate music as well as get familiar and more comfortable with the instrument.