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Black Student Union

The Black Student Union works to establish a network and support system for Peabody’s African American student body. Students raise awareness about African Americans in the Arts by reaching out to various community groups, such as the Baltimore Urban League. Members of the BSU participate in the annual LINKS concert, as well as a number of music workshops and programs within the black communities in Baltimore.


PRISM, Peabody’s Gender and Sexuality Alliance, is a group of diverse individuals who want to make Peabody a supportive and welcoming environment for lesbian, gay, bisexual, asexual, pansexual, transgender, intersex, queer, questioning and allied students, staff and faculty members. Our mission is to create a safe environment for community members to support one another and learn about homophobia and other prejudices; to educate and raise awareness in the Peabody community about homophobia, gender identity, and sexual orientation issues; to fight discrimination, harassment, and violence against LGBTQA people in our community; and to provide a forum for discussion encouraging diverse viewpoints.

International Student Advisory Committee

ISAC seeks to increase our international student involvement throughout the JHU community through active discussions and campus events. The students in ISAC work to promote awareness and advocate for the interests of Peabody’s diverse student body.

Peabody Green Group

The Peabody Green Group is a student group that meets to help reduce Peabody’s carbon-footprint. We raise awareness about recycling on campus, turn off practice room lights that are left on, and set an environmentally-friendly example to others!


Rejoice is a Christian Fellowship at Peabody. All Christians are welcome to participate in worship sessions where there is a focus on the growing love for God, God’s words, God’s people of every ethnicity and culture, and God’s purposes in the world.

The Creative Access

The Creative Access is a volunteer student organization of the Peabody Conservatory dedicated to enriching the lives of disadvantaged audiences in the Baltimore community. Active as professional performers and concert musicians, members of The Creative Access desire to see a positive change in the lives of people in our community, and volunteer their music as a way to bring about that change.

The River

The River is a student led Christian fellowship made up of Christian musicians at the Peabody Conservatory. As fellow musicians, fellow students, and fellow Christians, the group has been formed to create a community that provides support, friendship, and encouragement.

Student Activities Board

The Student Activities Board acts as the liaison between the student body and the faculty and staff. It works to promote the interests of all students of the Conservatory, and to establish Peabody’s influence in the surrounding community. It also provides programs and activities for the benefit of the Peabody community.

Student Activities on the Homewood Campus

The Homewood campus of The Johns Hopkins University offers many opportunities for Peabody students to join clubs and organizations on their campus. A full list of student organizations can be found at