Peabody General Assembly

Mission Statement

As Peabody’s student government and the official representative voice of the student body, PGA’s mission is to empower students to take active part in shaping and enriching their experience at Peabody.

 PGA is committed to improving the student experience by advocating for the needs and interests of students, facilitating communications between students and administration, and uplifting the voices of students at Peabody.

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Aren VaughnAren Vaughn | he/him
President / Senior / Dance

Hello! I am a fourth year dance student, part of the inaugural class of the new BFA Dance program at Peabody under chair of the department, danah bella. I love getting involved in new communal and artistic opportunities.

As President, I meet with administration and our advisor about students’ concerns and coordinate with the entirety of PGA to make things happen!

Fun Fact: I love Harry Potter!

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Philip BarskyPhilip Barsky | he/him
Vice President / Senior / Vocal Performance

Hello! I’m a senior from Manhasset, New York studying with Bill Sharp here at Peabody. I love being involved on campus in organizations like the Jewish Students Association of Peabody and am pumped to work in the Student Affairs office as a Student Engagement Adviser.

As Vice President, I help Aren Vaughn, PGA President, with meetings with administration and coordinating with the other members of PGA. I also help with weekly meetings and any events/ideas that need more help as well as regular PGA operations.

Fun fact: I have a stepbrother from Argentina!

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Eliana KrasnerEliana (Elle) Krasner | she/her
Student Engagement & Traditions / Senior / Dance

Hi there! I’m so excited to be moving into my fourth year with Peabody General Assembly. Aside from PGA, I’m involved in Hopkins Hillel, Jewish Students Association of Peabody, Peabody Student Affairs, and the sisterhood of Kappa Alpha Theta.

As chair of Student Engagement & Traditions, I plan and carry out new and yearly events for all Peabody students as well as helping with regular PGA operations.

Fun fact: I’m a twin!

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Maya WatsonMaya Watson | she/her
Cross Campus Connections Liaison / Junior / Voice(BM), Sociology & International Studies (BA)

Hi I’m Maya, a junior from White Plains, NY. I am a double degree voice student at Peabody. I am also the Head Advising Fellow at Matriculate where I advise high-achieving, low-income high school students through the college admissions process. I also work part-time as a political fundraising consultant for a firm in Baltimore that works with local politicians.

As chair of Cross Campus Connections, I focus on issues that affect students traveling to and from Peabody as well as providing more cross-campus activities & communication as well as participating in regular PGA operations.

Fun fact: I’m trilingual

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Zoe PayneZoë Brielle Payne | she/her
Social Media & Communications / Junior / Dance

Hello! I’m in my third year of the BFA Dance program under the direction of danah bella. I’m excited to be a part of PGA again this year; for the last two year I worked as the Faculty & Student Correspondance Co-Chair. Outside of the dance department, I love to explore Baltimore & create collaborative art!

As chair of Social Media & Communications, I oversee promotional materials for our events, keep our Instagram updated as well as work on individual projects that are part of PGA operations.

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Kaijeh Johnson | he/him
Diversity & Inclusion Co-Chair / Senior / Vocal Performance

I am a third year pursuing a Bachelor of music in vocal performance and a Bachelor of music education. I am the President of the Black Student Union and work on many task forces dedicated fighting racism and discrimination.

As a chair of Diversity & Inclusion, I focus my efforts on integrating non-western concert ideas into Peabody’s repertoire and push for programs and initiatives that provide more diversity in Peabody culture as well as participate in PGA operations.

Fun Fact: I love to cook and am working on growing my own vegetables

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Carolyn DzulCarolyn Dzul | she/her
Student & Faculty Correspondence / Junior / Saxophone Performance & Recording Arts & Sciences

I am a junior pursuing a Bachelor of Music in Saxophone Performance and Recording Arts and Sciences. I am involved on campus as a Peer Advisor working with Peabody Advising and I am the co-president of Peabuddies. Outside of Peabody, I am a writer for the site, Music: Quarantine Edition.

As a chair of Student & Faculty Correspondence, I take and resolve concerns about academics, or particular student & faculty communication issues as well as participate in PGA operations.

Fun Fact: I am a first-generation student.

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Alex MaAlex Ma | he/him
First-Year Representative / Freshman / Music Composition

My name is Alex Ma, and I’m a first-year composition major from Cincinnati, OH studying with Sky Macklay. I make music in various genres that aims to be both emotionally rich and radically accessible. I’m always looking to learn!

As first-year representative, I collect and relay first-year concerns to the PGA as well as participate in PGA operations.

Fun fact: I make dad jokes.

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Jackson RyndJackson Rynd | he/him
General Student Representative / Sophomore / Dance

Hi I’m Jackson, a second year in the Peabody BFA Dance Program. I am from Fort Worth, Texas and I’m also part of a fraternity at the Homewood campus.

As a general student representative, I relay student concerns and help with any events or initiatives that PGA is working on as well as participate in regular PGA operations.

Fun fact: Paris Hilton is my idle!

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Taylor Knighton | she/her
Student Services Co-Chair / Sophomore / Dance

As student services co-chair, I work to make sure the student body is informed of events and services that they might need and seek out concerns that surround Peabody Living and Culture as well as participate in regular PGA operations.

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Headshot of Shawn GuoShawn Guo | he/him
International Student Liaison / Freshman / Music for New Media

Hello! I’m a first-year Music for New Media major from Sydney, Australia. I’m a native speaker of two languages and I love to be involved in Peabody’s multicultural community. Outside of Peabody, I tutor English literature and work as the composer and sound designer of an indie game development group.

As International Student Liaison and an international student myself, I work to provide a more integrative and inclusive experience for our International Student population.

Fun Fact: I believe that pineapples DO belong on pizza.

[email protected]

Lara Villanueva
Secretary / Senior / Bassoon Performance & Recording Arts & Sciences

I am a fourth year student (out of five) pursuing a B.M. Bassoon Performance, B.M. Recording Arts and Sciences, and a Directed Studies Minor in Mathematics.

As PGA secretary I keep track of what’s said during our meetings, record archives and I also help out with projects and initiatives as needed. relay student concerns and help with any events or initiatives that PGA is working on as well as participate in regular PGA operations.

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