Below is a list of currently active Conservatory Sponsored Organizations (CSOs) on the Peabody campus. As a CSO, these student positions are either elected, appointed, and/or interviewed for. Feel to contact any of the student leaders below should you have any questions or want to learn more. 

Feel free to stop by the Student Affairs Office in Unger Lounge too should you need any support or guidance!

Conservatory Programming Board (CPB) – Coming Fall 2020

In its first year, seven Community Fellows (CFs) will compromise the new Community Programming Board (CPB) at the Conservatory that is sponsored and advised by the Office of Student Affairs.

Interested in learning more about the Community Fellow position? Follow this link for position requirements and a link to apply: 

CPB Advisor: Office of Student Affairs
[email protected]

Peabody General Assembly (PGA)

PGA works to serve as the voice of the Student Body and maintain meaningful and effective, transportation communication with Peabody and JHU Administration. This organization serves as a platform for students to express their concerns, content and questions as they pertain to the student experience at Peabody. 

PGA President: Clare Naughton

[email protected]

PGA Advisor: Office of Student Affairs
[email protected]

Peabody Student Organization Council (PSOC)

PSOC has a representative from each active and recognized organization to serve as the voice and perspective for their respective organization. PSOC meets a couple of times a semester with the Office of Student Affairs to hear feedback, discuss changes, etc. 

PSOC Advisor: Office of Student Affairs
[email protected]