Below is a list of currently active Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) on the Peabody campus. Students are encouraged to reach out to club and organization leaders listed below to get more information.

Student organizations are a great way for undergraduates and graduates to engage socially, pursue interests, and develop valuable leadership skills. We encourage all students to participate in one of Peabody’s or Homewood’s current student organizations, start their own organization, or pursue other co-curricular opportunities beyond the classroom.

All students are welcome and invited to join any club and/or organization. One does not have to possess a particular identity, interest, or strength to want to learn more, challenge themselves, or explore new things they have never before.

Feel free to stop by the Student Affairs Office in Unger Lounge too should you need any support or guidance!


Fuse acts as a platform to foster connections between students to come together and create work. This collective gives students the opportunity to collaborate in a wide range of activity with others of varying disciplines and talents. From composition to dance to jazz to visual – creating art together is important. There will be multiple performance opportunities throughout the year at different venues. We strive to incorporate all art forms and recognize the significance of the creation of art.

Join our facebook group: @FUSE

Follow us on instagram: @fusepeabody

FUSE President: Clare Naughton

[email protected]

Organization Advisor: danah bella

[email protected]

Jewish Student Association of Peabody (JSAP)

Our goal is to unite, enhance, and bring awareness of the Jewish community to the Peabody Institute. JSAP also offers connections to the Johns Hopkins Hillel so we can celebrate our Jewishness with the entire Hopkins community. With events and hangouts and friends and lots of food, we aim to help you find your Jewish home away from home!

JSAP President: Eliana Krasner

[email protected]

Organization Advisor: TBA

La Obra: Latinx Student Union of the Peabody Conservatory

To provide a central and thriving community for Latinx students on the Peabody campus and foster an inclusive educational and cultural atmosphere for all.

La Obra President: Sonia Matheus

[email protected]

Organization Advisor: TBA


Motif creates formal issues of semesterly journals as a platform for Peabody students to share and discuss academic ideas in the form of serious writing.

Motif President: Mofan Lai

[email protected]

Organization Advisor: TBD

Na Gaotha Celtic Ensemble

We are a Celtic performing arts group that aims to: present and advertise music and culture in the community; show correlation between Celtic music and American tradition music; revitalize traditional music by combining it with modern instruments and innovations.  

Na Gaotha President: Winifred Yuan Liang

[email protected]

Organization Advisor: TBA

Peabody Black Student Union (BSU)

The purpose of The Black Student Union (BSU) shall be to help bridge the gap and establish a network and a support system for Peabody’s and The Johns Hopkins University African American student body. To raise the awareness about African American in the Arts and the community, by reaching out to various community groups, city public schools and community centers in presenting Master Seminars and developing Music Workshops within the black communities, and participating in the annual LINKS concert.

Organization Advisor: Nilaya Baccus-Hairston 

[email protected]

Peabody Chinese Students and Alumni Association

We connect Peabody Chinese musicians together and present Chinese culture to broader communities from Peabody to greater Hopkins campuses. 

Peabody Chinese Students and Alumni Association President: Mofan Lai

[email protected]

Organization Advisor: Qing Li

[email protected]

Organization Advisor: Stanley Cornett

[email protected]

Peabody M-House

Peabody M House is a student-run, pop-focused songwriting and music production team that produces and promotes Peabody students’ original music. From songwriting, arranging, recording, mixing, mastering, publishing and marketing, Peabody students take charge of every little step in the process of creating a song. 

M-House President: Jolene Shao

[email protected]

Organization Advisor: Thomas Dolby

[email protected]

Peabody Polyphony Project

The Peabody Polyphony Project is a student choral ensemble that teaches and performs Polyphonic from the Renaissance.

Peabody Polyphony Project President: Christopher Fominaya

[email protected]

Peabody Rejoice

Peabody Rejoice is a Korean American ‘Community of Faith’ defined by God. Our mission is to serve the Baltimore community for our campus Christians located in Peabody, Johns Hopkins, and MICA to understand the ‘Christian Identity’ and have a fellowship within the walls of Peabody where Christ comes first. We welcome all people of all religious and ethnic backgrounds to join our weekly services.

Services are in both Korean and English, snacks and drinks are provided.


Day/Time: Every Friday @ 7:30pm

Location: Peabody Campus, Leakin Hall 214

For More Info:

Peabody Rejoice President: April Kim

[email protected]

Organization Advisor: Hyun Sook Park

[email protected]


Peabuddies seeks to facilitate the improvement of mental health and well-being at the Peabody Conservatory. We aim to do this through hosting de-stressing events, raising awareness around mental health/well-being and available resources, and partnering with offices on the Peabody and Homewood campuses.

Our Facebook page:

Peabuddies President: Sophia Lou

[email protected]

Organization Advisor: Dr. Shirley Yoo

[email protected]

PRIDE: Peabody Representatives of Identity, Diversity, and Equality

The purpose of PRIDE is to provide a safe space for members of the LGBTQIA+ community. The group not only holds regular meetings where members can speak openly about their experiences and connect with others in the community, but also organized events that will encourage positivity and equality throughout the school. 

PRIDE President: Peter Pattengill

[email protected]

Organization Advisor: Omar Thomas

[email protected]