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Commuter Meal Plan Enrollment Form

This form is for students that are not on a meal plan already.

IMPORTANT: Budgeting for a Meal Plan on the Monthly Payment Plan through the Student Accounts Office does NOT enroll a student for a meal plan. When this contract is received by the Student Accounts Office, then the student’s name is entered on the meal plan roster and the billing is processed. Returning this form will NOT cause you to be billed twice for the meal plan.

Changing Your Meal Plan: Students may change their meal plan, but the deadline to change your selection is the end of the first week of classes. After that, alterations to meal plans will not be made.

Cancellation is not permitted. The meal plan is in effect for the entire academic year (Fall-Spring Semester).

Please read the entire contract before signing.

  • Contract Terms

    Meal Plans are available to all full-time registered students. THE MEAL PLAN IS FOR THE ENTIREACADEMIC YEAR, or such shorter period of duration as expressly agreed to in writing between the University and the student. Cancellation is not permitted. Enrolling in a Meal Plan obligates the student for payment of the Total Price indicated in the agreement. The University reserves the right to cancel this agreement and discontinue the Meal Plan when, in its judgment, an emergency or other event limits or prevents satisfactory meal service. In such case, a pro rata refund will be made for the unexpired period.
  • Identification

    The J-Card acts as a meal card. All Meal Plan subscribers are required to swipe or tap the J-Card at each meal. The right to use the J-Card may not be given or sold to another person and all assigned privileges are nontransferable. Inappropriate use of dining privileges may result in possible disciplinary action and/or additional costs applied to the Student’s account. Lost J-Cards must be reported IMMEDIATELY to Housing and Dining and the J-Card Office. Replacement cards are available at the J-Card Office. A fee will be charged for all replacement J-Cards.
  • Payment Policy

    All Meal Plan costs are billed to the student’s account through SIS each semester. Meal plan costs for Fall (Period 1) are submitted to the Student Accounts Office during August; Spring (Period 2) meal plan costs are submitted during December. The Meal Plan contract remains in effect for the entire academic year. Cancellation is not permitted.
    In addition to the terms of this contract, the student also agrees to the Meal Plan and Dining Guidelines and Procedures. This information can be requested from the Student Affairs Office . This contract cannot be assigned. This contract contains the entire agreement between the parties and no statement or promise made by either party that is not contained in this written contract shall be valid or binding. The University reserves the right to change the terms of this contract anytime without notice. By checking this box you agree that you have read, understand and agree with the above contract terms and conditions and acknowledge that your student account will be charged for these costs.