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Referral Requests

LAUNCHPad refers outstanding Peabody student and alumni performers at diverse occasions, such as recitals, weddings, parties, church services, receptions, and other events in the Baltimore and Washington, DC regions.

Our carefully selected roster includes top-notch classical and jazz musicians, soloists, and ensembles including harpists, string players, pianists, singers, guitarists, wind and brass players, jazz players, percussionists, and dancers.

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For more ongoing employment and performance opportunities, we encourage employers to join Handshake to share jobs with Peabody students and alumni. Handshake gives employers the ability to recruit students across all nine divisions of Johns Hopkins University, as well as numerous other institutions nationwide. For more information, please view our Employer Guide to Handshake.

About our Performers

You may WANT to hire a Peabody performer for a special occasion, but what if you don't know what you're looking for? Explore below to learn more about the diverse offerings of our referral service!

Peabody Students & Alumni: click here to learn how to join the Performer Referral Service.


New this year to the Peabody Conservatory, Dance is an ancient visual art which can be enjoyed at a variety of social events today. This is a new opportunity for the communities in the Baltimore/D.C. region, and we couldn't be more excited to share it with you. Hire a dancer for your event today!


Brass Ensembles and Soloists add a wonderfully regal quality to any event. The most common group to hire is a Brass Quintet, which is made up of Trumpets, French Horn, Trombone, and Tuba. Brass Musicians are musically flexible and feel at home performing wedding ceremonies, dinner events or receptions, lively pub tunes, or religious services. Hire a brass player or ensemble today!


Wind players provide a beautiful, nonabrasive sound to any event. They are perfect for cocktail hours, weddings, dinners, and so much more. For groups, the typical things to look for are Wind Quintets, Saxophone Quartets, Flute and Clarinet Ensembles, and smaller duos like Flute and Guitar. Hire a Woodwind player or group today!


The Strings, specifically the String Quartet, represent our most requested type of instrument group. They are a staple in art music and in the community as the deeply ingrained go-to ensemble for dinner events, weddings, and many other occasions. Hire a String Quartet Today!


The Harp is a beautiful instrument and is highly requested for parties and receptions. They are often paired with other instruments as well, like flute, violin, or voice. Hire a Harpist today!


Few instruments are as versatile and well-known by the public than the Guitar. Our referred instrumentalists can perform solo and in various ensemble types depending on your needs! Hire a Guitarist today!


The role of Jazz in our community speaks for itself- Jazz Piano is perfect for cocktail hours and other occasions while a small jazz combo can fill provide atmosphere at a restaurant, reception, or party. Hire Jazz players or ensembles today!

We will do our best to match you with appropriate performers for your event, but please note that we cannot guarantee their availability. If you’re seeking a music teacher, please see the instructional programs available from the Peabody Preparatory and Adult and Continuing Education divisions.


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