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There are a variety of ways you can find and create opportunities for yourself as a performing artist. Please contact us to make an appointment if you have questions or would like to discuss your next steps!

*Due to the pandemic, many Peabody performance opportunities are taking place virtually, and some programs are on hold to protect the safety of our community. Please refer to your local health guidelines and the CDC website before accepting any external in-person performance opportunities.*

Peabody Programs for Paid Performance

Applying to Performance Opportunities

We’ve compiled some tips and resources to help you put your best foot forward when applying to concert series and gigs. Tips specific to virtual and livestreamed performances can be found below.

1) Compile promotional materials
Your press kit should generally include, at minimum, a bio, photos, audio or video recordings, and sample program(s).

2) Create a program
Cater your program proposals to each venue you approach. Design your program with a relevant and cohesive theme that will connect with the presenter as well as the audience.

3) Research and contact venues
Research performers who are doing work similar to yours to find venues that could be a good fit. Reach out by phone/email. Connections are helpful, but don’t be afraid to make cold calls!

4) Negotiate a contract
Once you’ve confirmed a concert or gig, make sure to get your agreement in writing. Use the general performance contract template below to get started.   

Virtual Performances & Livestreaming

Many artists are using online streaming as a way to continue creating art, engaging audiences, and replace income from in-person events. These resources, organized from introductory to more advanced, will help you start streaming your own concerts.

Contracts for Virtual Performances
If you are asked to perform virtually for an event, or contacted about creating a virtual concert on behalf of another organization, you want to create a contract as you would for any other gig. We recommend starting with LAUNCHPad’s contract template; look over the following issues and consider adding them into the contract:

  • What platform will the concert be streamed on? Who is responsible for creating and hosting the stream?
  • Will the stream be recorded, and who is allowed to record it? If it is recorded, can it be replayed or reposted afterwards?
  • What kind of interaction is expected between the artists and the attendees? Will there be discussion before and after, and how will that be handled?
  • Double check and include the time zone when setting the date and time for the performance.

Join the Performer Referral Service!

Current Peabody students and recent alumni can connect with paid performance opportunities in the Baltimore/DC area through our referral service. Ideal candidates are independently strong performers with excellent communication skills and a high level of professionalism. Due to the pandemic, we are currently only posting virtual opportunities.

Current Students: You must be recommended by your respective studio faculty and maintain an active professional website. Faculty can recommend students by sending an email to

Recent Alumni: Email a link to your website to

Please note that our referral service is primarily designed to serve current students and Baltimore-area alumni within 5 years of graduation.

Notice: Peabody LAUNCHPad maintains this site as a service to Peabody students & alumni. Announcements and external sites can be accessed via this site, but our making these resources available does not constitute an endorsement by Peabody or JHU of the companies publishing those announcements and sites. Site users should check the credentials of any employer and contact LAUNCHPad with questions. Peabody and JHU are also not responsible for any misinformation that might be found on external sites nor for the results obtained from the use of this information.