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Peabody’s Sound Rounds program brings musical services to patients’ bedsides at Johns Hopkins Hospital to provide comfort and companionship through music. Begun in 2018, the Johns Hopkins Sound Rounds program is part of a partnership between the Peabody Institute and the Johns Hopkins Hospital Patient and Family Advisory Councils.   

Bedside musical services are delivered through in-person visits on hospital units, impromptu “concerts” in hallways and waiting areas, and via Zoom technology. Musicians are hired from within the Peabody Conservatory and from the greater Baltimore community.

Eligibility and Requirements

Health screening, background check, orientation, and training are required to work with patients in a healthcare context.

Additional requirements include:

  • Artistic excellence
  • Personal and artistic flexibility in order to respond to a variety of patient backgrounds, tastes, and physical and emotional states
  • A broad repertoire spanning several genres (e.g. classical, jazz, folk, gospel, music theater, contemporary, etc.)
  • Ongoing, close collaboration with healthcare staff and Sound Rounds program supervisor
  • Empathy, the ability to be present
  • A strong desire to be of service – understanding that it’s not about the artist
  • Effective, professional communication in speaking and writing
  • For remote work: the technology and ability to use Zoom technology and the JHH Volunteer Services portal, reliable internet connection

Highly desirable skills include:

  • Teaching and/or community engagement experience
  • A knowledge of/experience with healthcare culture
  • Skills in improvisation, songwriting, and/or collaborative composition

Application Instructions and Timeline

This program is currently paused. Applications can be found here.

For further information, please contact Carolyn Davies, Program Manager.